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CoAlt - Alternate English Language Arts and Mathematics Assessments

CoAlt: DLM

The Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) Alternate Assessment program is designed to measure what students with significant cognitive disabilities know and can do. 


Mindy Roden
Assessment Unit

Spring 2018 CoAlt Mathematics and English Language Arts (DLM) Results 

CoAlt DLM Data and Results

CoAlt: Manuals

Manuals and additional information for this assessment can be found below.

CoAlt: DLM User Guides and Documents

DLM Webinars for District-Level Staff

Recorded webinars from the Spring 2017 administration for District Assessment Coordinators (DAC), Data Stewards (Data Respondents) and Technology Liaisons (DTC) will be available later in the fall. 

CoAlt: Administration Training

CoAlt: Administration training Information can be found on the CDE Assessment Unit Trainings page


CoAlt: DLM Administration Important Dates

DLM Test Administrator Supports

Dynamic Learning Maps has a webpage designed specifically to provide support for educators who will be delivering the CoAlt: DLM assessment.  This page can be found at    

CoAlt: Office Hours

November 12th and December 10th - 2:00-3:00 p.m.

Starting on January 14th, CoAlt Office Hours will be bi-weekly on Mondays from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. Beginning February 25th, CoAlt Office Hours will be weekly.

Webinar Link:

Conference Number: 1-888-228-9561

DACs may call in to the conference line to participate in an open forum with Mindy Roden. This is an opportunity for DACs to ask follow up questions after the regional trainings that took place across the state in October.

CoAlt: DLM Required Training for Test Administration

All Test Administrators must participate in training for the CoAlt DLM assessments annually.  Any new teachers, including teachers new to a district who may have previously administered the DLM assessment in a different district, must complete the New Teacher Training Modules.  Test Administrators who are in the same district as the previous year may complete the Returning Teacher Modules.

Both modules are available in both a self-directed and facilitated version.  Please check with your district to determine which format your district uses.  All test administrators must pass the associated quizzes in Moodle with a minimum of 80% accuracy.  All quizzes must be taken in Moodle.

You may access the Moodle training site at:

CDE will model face-to-face facilitated training at selected locations for district trainers during October/November 2016.  Further information is anticipated to be sent to DACs.

CoAlt: Participation 

All students who meet the participation guidelines for the CoAlt should be given the alternate in all statewide assessments.  These assessments include academic assessments in the content areas of English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies, the 10th grade Alternate to the PSAT, 11th Grade Alternate to the SAT, and the Alternate ACCESS for ELLs.  

A student's Individual Education Program (IEP) team, following the guidance found in the Alternate Standards and Assessment Participation Guidelines Worksheet, and companion document, will make the decision if the student will participate in the CoAlt or CMAS assessments. Only students with a significant cognitive disability who are receiving instruction based on the Extended Evidence Outcomes (EEO) of the Colorado Academic Standards (CAS) should be considered for participation on the CoAlt assessments.

CoAlt: DLM  for English Language Arts and Mathematics

The DLM year-end assessment model will be used for English language arts (ELA) and mathematics.  Colorado students who are eligible for the CoAlt: DLM assessments will be assessed in ELA and math using an online, computer-based system.  Multiple accessibility features and supports, including teacher administered testlets, are available to assist students in accessing the computer-based test.

The DLM system also provides instructionally embedded assessments throughout three windows in the 2016-17 school year.  Districts may decide if they wish to open these additional windows to their teachers and students. Only the scores from the end-of-year window will be used for accountability.

CoAlt: DLM Blueprints

English language arts and mathematics blueprints provide educators with specific guidance for individualized instruction and assessment.  The blueprints inform the structure and list the content area standards available for assessment.  

  • ELA Blueprint  (coming soon)
  • Math Blueprint (coming soon)

DLM uses nodes that represent academic skills at different levels of cognitive complexity to create assessments that are accessible to a broad range of students. Additional information on specific nodes and their linkage level skills can be found on the following pages.






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