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CoAlt - Alternate English Language Arts and Mathematics Assessments

CoAlt: DLM

The Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) Alternate Assessment program is designed to measure what students with significant cognitive disabilities know and can do. 

Manuals and additional information for this assessment can be found on Colorado's DLM page. 

Colorado is a member of the Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) alternate assessment consortium. DLM is a multiple-state consortium that is developing a computer-delivered alternate assessment. The DLM assessment program is designed for students with significant cognitive disabilities for whom, the general education assessments, even with accommodations, are not appropriate. Students must meet the Participation Guidelines to participate in this academic assessment.

DLM is developing an end of the year assessment that replaced the CoAlt: Reading, Writing and Mathematics assessments.  The CoAlt: DLM assessments of English Language Arts and Mathematics are being administered for the first time in the spring of the 2014-2015 school year.

Colorado is participating in DLM in the year-end (YE) . In the year-end model, districts have the option to use instructionally embedded assessments during the year; however, these scores will not be used for accountability. In late spring, all students who qualify for the alternate assessment will be assessed on the same alternate standards. Scores for accountability are only based on the spring assessment administration.

DLM Test Administrator Supports

Dynamic Learning Maps has a webpage specifically to provide supports for Educators who will be delivering the CoAlt: DLM assessment.  This page can be found at  

Testlets sometimes call for the use of specific materials or manipulatives. Materials are identified in the Testlet Information Page (TIP) for each testlet. Some materials are required and cannot be substituted, but substitutes are allowed in many cases. For more information about substituting objects, see the TEST ADMINISTRATION MANUAL section titled Teacher-Administered Tests.  It is important to understand that if a teacher substitutes one item for another, it is allowable to substitue the name of the object in the script.  For example, if the items calls for "straws" and the teacher is substituting "pencils", the test administrator may say "here are pencils" rather than "here are straws."

KITE Educator Portal Quick Reference Guides

All the information on these Quick Reference Guides can be found in the DLM Manuals.  These were created to support commonly  used tasks in the KITE system.

DLM Webinars for District-Level Staff

Recorded webinars for District Assessment Coordinators (DAC), Data Stewards (Data Respondents) and Technology Liaisons (DTC) can be found at

CDE DAC DLM Overview PPT  Recording

Data Supplements

Colorado Data Steward manual supplement

Colorado Invalidation procedure manual

DLM Required Training for Test Administration

There are seven required training modules for Test Administrators located on the Educator Portal. CDE anticipates these trainings will be available for use by the end of September for districts who opt-in to the instructionally embedded assessments.

  • Module 1: Overview of the DLM System
  • Module 2: DLM Test Security
  • Module 3: Accessibility for All Students
  • Module 4 - YE: How the Assessment Works
  • Module 5: Preparing for the Test
  • Module 6: Computer Delivered Testlets
  • Module 7: Teacher Administered Testlets

Districts will determine if they wish their test administrators to complete the modules through a facilitated training or self-paced. All test administrators must pass all module assessments with a score of 80% or higher to give the CoAlt:DLM assessment.

All staff involvied in the CoAlt: DLM assessment must sign a security agreement.  Staff with a KITE: Educator Portal account will receive and sign their form online when they create their account.  It must be reviewed and electronically signed.  A sample confidentialitiy form has been created that districts may use for other staff who may be int the room while the DLM assessment is administered.   

Extended Evidence Outcomes

Students who qualify for alternate assessments require extensive, direct instruction and substantial supports. They are learning academic content aligned to grade level content standards, but reduced depth, breadth, and complexity. These standards are call the Extended Evidence Outcomes (EEO) of the Colorado Academic Standards. Colorado's EEOs were the State Board of Education unanimously adopted on August 3, 2011.

For more information on the EEO please see the standards webpage.

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