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Child Welfare Education Liaisons

School District CWEL Designation Information

Under C.R.S. 22-32-138, each school district and the state charter school institute, shall designate a person to act as the Child Welfare Education Liaison (CWEL) for the district. The duties of the liaison include; working with child placement agencies, county departments, and the state department to facilitate the prompt and appropriate placement, transfer, and enrollment in school of students in out-of-home placement.

For New Child Welfare Education Liaisons

HB22-1374 Foster Care Success Act

The Foster Care Success Act was signed into law on May 31, 2022. This state law was introduced to require the Colorado Department of Education to identify specific goals for the foster care education initiative to improve the educational attainment of youth in foster care. The Foster Care Success Act also requires the Colorado Department of Education to report on specified annual improvement of the educational attainment of youth in foster care to specified committees of the general assembly.

New and Exciting

Based on recent HB22-1374, Child Welfare Educational Liaisons (CWELs) and Child Welfare Caseworkers and Supervisors are required to take this new 1.5-hour WBT with guidance on their roles and responsibilities to improve educational stability for young people experiencing foster care. In addition to explaining rights, roles, and responsibilities, this training explores the educational resources available in your community and how you can collaborate with other agencies to provide children and youth in care a stable educational experience. After initial completion, this course is required every two years for CWELs and to maintain certification as a caseworker or supervisor in Colorado.

To complete this training you must create an account and indicate that you are a CWEL.