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OSEP Reporting for Preschool Special Education

OSEP Preschool Outcomes Reporting and Results Matter Assessment

The US Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) mandates reporting of child progress data for preschool children funded through IDEA Part B/Section 619. Preschool Outcomes (Indicator 7) are tied to child progress made between entry to preschool special education services and exit from preschool special education services.

In order to meet this accountability requirement, teachers and administrators must follow specific records management procedures on their Results Matter assessment tools.

OSEP Reporting Requirements for GOLD and COR Advantage Users:

  1. Fill out the IEP and Funding Source information. Mark the IEP button "Yes", then check "Preschool Special Education (Part B/Section 619 of IDEA)” funding source.
  2. Enter the date preschool special education services begin.  In GOLD, look for “What date will this child begin to receive IEP services?” In COR Advantage, look for “Part B (IEP) Entry Date” This is the date services actually begin, not necessarily when the IEP was written. If the IEP was written in the spring or summer, but the child will not begin services until fall, use the fall service start date.                                                                                                                                                                                              
  3. Choose the school district that flows special education funding for this child in the "School District" drop-down menu (click here for more detailed information). Note: "Not Part of School District Reporting" is not an appropriate choice for any children on an IEP. A valid school district must be selected.
  1. Complete the OSEP Exit process (detailed instructions below) for any children who:
    1. transitioned to kindergarten (even if they will remain on an IEP in kindergarten) 

    2. are staffed out of preschool special education

    3. are inactive because they stopped attending for 90 or more consecutive days (if the child returns after 90 days, treat this as a new entry into preschool special education)

    4. have moved to a different program/district outside your assessment subscription

Note: Archiving is an entirely separately process from OSEP exiting. Archiving may not always be necessary in combination with an OSEP exit (e.g. if the child is staffed off an IEP but continues in your preschool program). Always perform the OSEP exit from the online system first before archiving.

2020 Instructions for Completing OSEP Exits
OSEP Exit Instructions for MyTeachingStrategies™ (PDF)

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Preschool Outcomes: A Data Dialogue on OSEP Indicator 7 Reporting
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