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Policies and Procedures

Results Matter Handbook 

Results Matter Checkpoint Deadlines

Checkpoint Season

Documentation Window

During this window, providers observe, document and, depending on the assessment system, complete preliminary ratings based on what is observed.

Assessment Rating Window

During this window, providers make final determinations about how to rate the child on each of the assessment indicators. Observation and documentation continue.

Online Data Finalized NO LATER THAN

Fall Aug. 10 (or 1st program day) - Oct. 13 Oct. 14 - Oct. 25 October 25, 2019
Winter Oct. 26 - Jan. 26 Jan. 27 - Feb. 7 February 7, 2020
Spring Feb. 8 - May 3 May 4 - May 15 May 15, 2020
Summer (optional) May 16 - Aug 2 Aug 3 - Aug.14 August 14, 2020

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