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Gifted Education State Advisory Committee (GE-SAC)

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In 1984, the Colorado State Board of Education (SBE) created the Gifted Education State Advisory Committee (GE-SAC) to assist the SBE in performing its responsibilities in implementing the Education of Exceptional Children's Statue part 2, Education of Gifted Children. The GE-SAC was further codified into law in 2014 and is referenced in the Colorado Revised Statutes [C.R.S. 22-20-203(3)].

C.R.S. 22-20-203(3) states, “The general assembly recognizes that, to assist the state board in performing its responsibilities in implementing this part 2, the state board has appointed a state gifted education advisory committee of an appropriate size. On and after August 6, 2014, the membership of the advisory committee must continue to include representatives from each congressional district in the state and consist of persons involved in or concerned with the education of gifted children. The state board shall continue to appoint members for terms as stated in the bylaws of the advisory committee. Members of the advisory committee continue to serve without compensation but may receive reimbursement for expenses.”


GE-SAC serves as an advisory committee to support the SBE as it fulfills its responsibilities in implementing this part 2 by providing reasonable recommendations related to existing gifted education rules, (Exceptional Children’s Education Act).


The SBE appoints members to the GE-SAC on an annual basis for a three-year term. The GE-SAC meets virtually 4 times per year, typically from 9 am - 3 pm, and a two day in person retreat in the summer at a metro location. Members are reimbursed for travel costs. Subcommittees of GE-SAC may hold additional meetings virtually or face-to-face. GE-SAC opens applications for current vacancies in the fall of each year.

2024 - 2025 Current GE-SAC Members

Congressional District 1
  • Educator: Cecilia Quintanilla
  • Parent: Charnetta Lewis
Congressional District 2
  • Educator: Kate Bachtel
  • Parent: Michelle DuBois
Congressional District 3
  • Parent: Virginia (Ginny) Johnson
Congressional District 4
  • Educator: Ryan McClintock
Congressional District 5
  • Educator: Teresa Brown
  • Parent: Beau Houston

Congressional District 6
  • Educator: Cameron Hays
  • Parent: Darcy Pearlman
  • Community: Shalelia Dillard
Congressional District 7
  • Educator: Kristin Shapiro
  • Parent: Marissa Benton
Congressional District 8
  • Educator: Jennifer Rizzo-Hamilton
  • Parent: Jaci Durrie
  • Community: Wendy Jensen

2024 - 2025 Calendar of Scheduled Meetings:

October 14, 2024
December 9, 2024
February 10, 2025
May 12, 2025
July 16 - 17, 2025 Retreat

Gifted Education State Advisory Committee Roles

Congressional Districts include educator, parent, community, and student representatives.  Applications are reviewed, and selected applicants will be notified once your name is forwarded to the State Board of Education (SBE) in the spring for approval. Applicants will be invited to observe a GE-SAC meeting in the spring. Once appointed by the SBE, a three year term begins in July for all members, except students who serve one year.
Educator Member - an individual employed as an educational professional  (e.g., teacher, counselor, administrator, support staff, specials teacher, content teacher, early childhood educator) in a preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, or at higher education institute. 3 year term

Community Member - an individual who is (or wishes to be) actively engaged in gifted education through a business or an organization (e.g., educational experiences, non-profit, community college, technical schools, military representative from a district with Federal Impact Aid) 3 year term

Parent Member - an individual with a child/children identified as gifted and talented and who is/are attending a public school in Colorado from ECE - 12th grade. 3 year term

Student Member - a student who will be in grades 9-12 grade in the 2024-2025 school year and identified as gifted and talented. 1 year term

Colorado Congressional District Information

Resources for GE-SAC

GE-SAC Archived Minutes

2023-2024 Quarterly Meetings

2022-2023 Quarterly Meetings

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2020-2021 Quarterly Meetings

Note: If you are not able to access the resources or need additional support, please contact the Office of Gifted Education Program Administrator.