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State Grants to Libraries Request for Funds

For the 2019-2020 grant year, the State Library is moving to an online request for funds (RFF) submission process through Formsite. The online submission process will allow for fewer errors and decrease the time it takes for payments to be processed.

Link for State Grants to Libraries request for funds:

The last day to request funds for the 2019-2020 grant cycle is June 15, 2020.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who is my Authorized Representative?
    The Authorized Representative(s) is designated by your district/organization by filling out a form and submitting it to the State Library. Check with your administration or the State Library if you are unsure of who your authorized representative is.
  • How does the Authorized Representative receive their 4-digit code?
    After the Authorized Representative Designation form is submitted to the State Library an email will be sent to the listed individual(s) that contains their code.
  • What is the purpose of the Authorized Representative Designation form?
    Having this completed form allows the State Library to have a signature on file for people who are approved to request funds. That signature is then associated with a code that can be used in place of a physical signature during the online request for funds process.
  • I am already an Authorized Representative for other grants with CDE. Do I still need to complete the Authorized Representative Designation Form for State Grants to Libraries?
    Yes, the form that was filled out for other grant funds at CDE does not list State Grants to Libraries as an option and therefore does not cover these funds. All efforts will be made to assign the same code as used with other funds. 
  • I am the person completing Part 1 as well as the authorized representative. Do I still need to complete Part 2?
    Yes, you will still need to complete to Part 2 in order to approve the request by entering your 4-digit code and submitting the form. Just think of it as a great chance to review everything!
  • I am the Authorized Representative, can I change the information that was entered by the individual requesting the funds?
    Yes, all populated fields can be edited before submitting if corrections need to be made to the information.
  • How do I locate my approved funding amount for this year?
    This information can be found on your grant award letter/notification or on the Final Funding Allocation document.
  • For "Previously Requested Funds," do I include grant money from earlier grant years?
    No, only include funds that you have requested during the current grant year (2019-2020). If this is your first request for funds for this grant year, you would enter $0 in the "Previously Requested Funds" field.
  • I submitted an eligibility form for my library in August/September. Was that a request for funds?
    The submission of a eligibility form is not considered a request for funds. That form is used to determine a library's eligibility to receive these grant funds and allow the State Library to allocate the larger pool of money based on the number of eligible libraries and their populations. All request for funds are completed online.
  • When I click the "Calculate" button under the "Total Amount of Current Request," I receive a total of $0. Is there something wrong with the form?
    If you entered $0 in both the "Expenditures to Date" and "Previously Requested Funds" fields your total would be $0. In order to receive an amount of more that $0 in the "Total Amount of Current Request" field, the "Expenditures to Date" needs to be more than the "Previously Requested Funds" as that is what is totaled when you click on the "Calculate" button.  
  • I have not yet expended any funds, can I still request my allocated funds?
    These funds are reimbursable, meaning that funds need to be paid for or invoiced before making a request. 
  • Do I have to wait until all of my funds have been expended before making a request for funds?
    No, you can make multiple request for funds during the course of the grant cycle. 
  • Having these funds being reimbursable, is this a change from previous years?
    Technically these funds have always been reimbursable. However with recent changes in state fiscal rules, the State Library is trying to better align our processes with these rules. 
  • Can I save my progress and return to the form?
    No, at this time this RFF is not set up to allow for users to save and return or to set up accounts.
  • Since these are reimbursable funds, do I need to submit receipts when I request funds?
    No, receipts do not need to be submitted with your request. However, please be sure to retain your receipts/invoices for your own records or in case there are any questions.
  • Can I save my progress and return to the form?
    No, at this time this RFF is not set up to allow for users to save and return or to set up accounts.


Please contact Melissa Carlson,, or 303-866-6910 with any questions.

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