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Institutional Library Development

About Us

The Institutional Library Development unit addresses the needs of approximately 18,000 Colorado citizens residing in 39 state-funded institutions. Our mission is to provide the leadership and expertise that Colorado’s state institutional libraries need to meaningfully impact the lives of users, their families and their communities.

We operate on the assumption that everyone deserves a great library – especially those facing significant barriers to service. For institutionalized persons, these barriers are not limited to geography; they also include learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental illnesses, and social stigma.

We ensure services to libraries within:

In keeping with the public library model of patron services, we see these libraries as community focal points where information and people come together for the enjoyment and enrichment of one and all.


Institutional libraries generally combine functions of both public and school libraries, supporting multiple endeavors, such as K-12 educational curriculum, adult education, vocational training, GED preparation, rehabilitation/therapeutic goals and more.

The Institutional Library Development program derives its reason for being from state statute, which charges the state librarian "To furnish or contract for the furnishing of library service to institutional libraries, and to make reasonable rules for the establishment, maintenance, and operation of institutional libraries; except that any such rules shall not conflict with any rules promulgated by the Department of Corrections." "To develop and promulgate service standards for school, public, and institutional libraries to guide the development and improvement of such libraries; except that any such rules shall not conflict with any rules promulgated by the Department of Corrections;" (CRS 24-90-105).

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