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HESTL Program: Teacher Librarians

HESTL Program: Teacher Librarians

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HESTL Program Rubrics and Applications

HESTL Program Rubrics (expire July 31, 2024)

*NEW* HESTL Program Rubrics (in effect August 1, 2024)

HESTL candidates submit evidence that demonstrates accomplished and exemplary practice in each of the five areas of school librarianship: Planning, Instruction, Leadership, Environment and Management. The program is self-paced and candidates can apply for one or more credentials during a school year. 

HESTL candidates applying for a credential March 1, 2024 - July 31, 2024 may use the original rubrics OR the newly revised rubrics. Questions? Contact Tammy Langeberg at

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Planning Credential Application   

Develop and communicate a vision for the library program that aligns with the school community; collaborate with the principal to develop a library program that positively impacts student achievement and helps students thrive in today’s society; gather data and feedback to measure implementation of goals.

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Instruction Credential Application  

Collaboratively plan lessons that are engaging, applicable to the real world, and prioritize the learning process; co-teach with classroom teachers to differentiate instruction to meet the varying needs of student and adult learners; use assessment practices to analyze and adapt instruction.

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Leadership Credential Application  

Serves in leadership roles that support school goals; facilitate professional development for school staff and/or the school community; collaborate with school leadership and classroom teachers to integrate information, media, and digital literacy skills into the school curriculum.

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Environment Credential Application  

Create an irresistible learning space that is safe, welcoming, appealing, accessible, and adaptable at point of need.

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Management Credential Application  

Use strengths-based guidance to oversee library support staff; curate current, appealing, inclusive and culturally responsive materials that reflect students’ needs and interests; regularly weed the collection; ensure policies are in place to manage materials selection and deselection, challenged materials, gifts/donations, and student privacy.

HESTL Principal Collaboration Credential

HESTL Principal Credential Image

Principal Collaboration Credential Information

School leadership support is an essential component of a highly effective school library program. School principals can earn the HESTL Principal Collaboration credential by demonstrating exceptional collaboration, support and advocacy for the teacher librarian as a leader and instructional partner.

HESTL School Designation Program Renewal

School librarianship is always evolving and the HESTL program is designed to support your ongoing professional learning. The HESTL School Designation is a joint recognition of both the teacher librarian and school. Beginning in 2024, the HESTL School Designation is valid for seven years and may be renewed after five years.  

To learn more about renewing your HESTL School Designation or retaining your HESTL credentials after moving to a different school, please contact Tammy Langeberg at:

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For more information about the Highly Effective School Library Program, contact:

Tammy Langeberg, Highly Effective School Library Coordinator