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School Culture and Climate


 CDE is committed to collaboratively addressing school climate with school districts to guide our collective work through the School Climate Transformation Grant from the U.S. Department of Education. This grant provides the opportunity to bring districts and CDE’s internal offices together to support the development of an integrated multi-tiered framework that addresses school climate and connectedness, student engagement, behavioral/mental health, and social emotional learning to effectively meet the needs of all students in Colorado.

Positive School Climate: A positive school climate is foundational to the academic promise of the school and refers to the work of a school community to create a quality experience for all students, staff, and families. This is done by collectively fostering social, emotional, physical academic and identity safety and promoting a supportive academic environment that encourages and maintains respectful, empathetic, and trusting, relationships; resulting in a sense of belonging for all. – Colorado Department of Education

Sense of Belonging: A sense that one has a rightful place in a given academic setting and can claim full membership in a school and classroom community – Turnaround for Children 

Theory of Action about School Climate Work

Theory of Action for School Climate. Full alt text available at

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Professional Development - Foundational Trauma Informed Practices for Elementary and Secondary Educators

The School Climate Team is pleased to offer a training series on Trauma-Informed Strategies for Elementary and Secondary Educators. This training will be led by the talented team at Resilient Futures and is available to any school or district staff person in Colorado. The trainings are as follows: 

Elementary Educators


Secondary Educators

12:00-2:00 pm

Session 1: October 2nd Session 1: October 9th
Session 2: October 16th Session 2: October 23rd
Session 3: October 30th Session 3: November 6th

Please see the Resilient Futures Flyer for more information 


To register, please click here


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