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We wish to thank the families and early childhood education teams who have partnered with us to create the videos in the Results Matter Video Library. CDE produces these videos for professional development activities and obtains voluntary written permission from all parties who appear in these video clips.

How to Access the Videos

You can watch the clips online or download QuickTime versions of the videos for use in professional development activities. To download the Apple QuickTime .MOV file, select the DOWNLOAD VIDEO link located below each video. NOTE: If you download any of these video files you will need a free media player that will play video files such as VLC Media Player or UMPlayer on both PCs and Macs. QuickTime Player is also recommended for Macs but not PCs.

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Limitations on Video Use

  1. You may not use any of the videos on this site for commercial purposes.
  2. You may not edit, alter, transform or build upon any of the videos on this site.
  3. You may not download and re-upload a video file on this site to any website. However, you may use the YouTube share option to link to or embed the video on another website.


These videos were produced and posted to this website with voluntary written permission from all parties who appear in the videos including program staff, volunteers and parents/guardians on their own behalf and that of their children.

These videos are NOT extracted in any form from child assessment records but rather were produced by CDE for professional development activities.

For more information about the video library, please contact:

Video Categories

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General Interest

Using Technology for Authentic Assessment

Practices Here and There

iPads In Early Childhood

These clips were developed to be used in professional development activities to give early care and education providers an opportunity to practice observation and documentation skills.

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Gabby (Runtime: 1:38)

Gabby, a toddler, demonstrates a variety of physical skills.

Download Video

Gabby and Nicholas (Runtime: 2:20)

Toddlers Gabby and Nicholas demonstrate a variety of cognitive, social, and physical skills as they engage with objects and with one another.

Download Video

Lilly (Runtime: 1:38)

Lilly, just learning to crawl, demonstrates physical and communication body as she interacts with materials, peers, and a caregiver.

Download Video

Profitt (Runtime: 3:43)

Profitt, a toddler, demonstrates a variety of physical skills as he explores his classroom and materials.

Download Video

Samantha and Sara Building Towers and Castles (Runtime: 6:45)

Preschoolers Sara and Samantha demonstrate a variety of imaginative, manipulative, gross motor, communication, and social skills in the block area.

Download Video

Samantha on the Playground (Runtime: 1:46)

Preschooler Samantha demonstrates a rich variety of gross motor skills over a short period of time on the playground.

Download Video

Joy and Johna Working on a Puzzle (Runtime: 6:04)

Preschoolers Joy and Johna demonstrate a rich variety of fine motor, communication, social, play, and problem-solving skills while working together on a puzzle.

Download Video

Joy on the Playground (Look out for monsters!) (Runtime: 3:18)

Preschooler Joy demonstrates a variety of gross motor, imaginative, communication, and social skills on the playground with her classmates.

Download Video

Abigail and Samantha Working on Computers (Runtime: 3:16)

Preschoolers Abigail and Samantha demonstrate a variety of cognitive, digital, communication, and social skills while playing with computer games next to each other.

Download Video

At the Breakfast Table (Runtime: 3:07)

Preschoolers Mariyam, Mical, and Asli demonstrate a variety of self-help, manipulative, communication, and social skills at the breakfast table.

Download Video

Alexa and Ulysses Order Pizza (Runtime: 4:15)

Alexa and Ulysses demonstrate a range of imaginative, social, and communication skills while playing together in the dramatic play area. In Spanish.

Download Video

Four Boys Talk About a Garbage Truck (Runtime: 2:04)

During choice time, four boys watch a video of a recent visit by sanitation workers and talk about their experience.

Download Video

Real Conversations During a Pretend Lunch (Runtime: 6:17)

Preschoolers Bih and Kennadi demonstrate a variety of imaginative, play, communication, and social skills while talking with their teacher in the dramatic play area of the classroom.

Download Video

Praptee at the Breakfast Table (Runtime: 4:03)

Preschooler Praptee demonstrates a rich variety of self-help, communication, social, and manipulative skills at breakfast.

Download Video

Praptee’s Self-Portrait (Runtime: 6:57)

Preschooler Praptee demonstrates a rich variety of artistic, fine motor, communication, social, and literacy skills while producing a life-size self-portrait.

Download Video

Cameron and Alexis Playing with Blocks (Runtime: 4:25)

Cameron and Alexis demonstrate a rich variety of communication, social, problem-solving, motor, manipulative, imagination, and play skills in the block area.

Download Video

The Puppet Stage (Runtime: 3:20)

Jenniah, Cameron, and Evelynn demonstrate a rich variety of imaginative, communication, social, motor, manipulative, and play skills while playing with puppets.

Download Video

Jadyn Writing and Drawing (Runtime: 3:13)

Jadyn demonstrates a variety of skills while writing her name with a pencil and drawing a picture with crayons.

Download Video

Building with Legos (Runtime: 5:04)

Gavin, Aiden, and Emiliano demonstrate a number of fine and gross motor, imaginative, communication, problem-solving, self-regulation, and persistence skills while building with Legos.

Download Video

Joseph Reading The Three Little Pigs (Runtime: 2:10)

While reading a book with his teacher, Joseph illustrates a variety of communication and literacy-related skills.

Download Video

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