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Results Matter Video Library - Practices Here and There

We wish to thank the families and early childhood education teams who have partnered with us to create the videos in the Results Matter Video Library. CDE produces these videos for professional development activities and obtains voluntary written permission from all parties who appear in these video clips.

How to Access the Videos

You can watch the clips online or download QuickTime versions of the videos for use in professional development activities. To download the Apple QuickTime .MOV file, select the DOWNLOAD VIDEO link located below each video. NOTE: If you download any of these video files you will need a free media player that will play video files such as VLC Media Player or UMPlayer on both PCs and Macs. QuickTime Player is also recommended for Macs but not PCs.

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Limitations on Video Use

  1. You may not use any of the videos on this site for commercial purposes.
  2. You may not edit, alter, transform or build upon any of the videos on this site.
  3. You may not download and re-upload a video file on this site to any website. However, you may use the YouTube share option to link to or embed the video on another website.


These videos were produced and posted to this website with voluntary written permission from all parties who appear in the videos including program staff, volunteers and parents/guardians on their own behalf and that of their children.

These videos are NOT extracted in any form from child assessment records but rather were produced by CDE for professional development activities.

For more information about the video library, please contact:


These clips were developed to be used in professional development activities to give early care and education providers an opportunity to practice observation and documentation skills.

Kids’ Castle: An In-Home Portrait of Early Childhood Education (Runtime: 5:57)

Owners of a licensed family child care home describe how they make high-quality programming, curriculum, and assessment work in a home environment.

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Using Child Assessment Data to Achieve Positive Outcomes (Runtime: 14:53)

Administrators and teachers illustrate how they use authentic child assessment data to 1) inform funders, 2) inform classroom level instruction, 3) support teachers, and 4) meet the needs of individual children and their families.

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The Benefits of Using Authentic Assessment in a Child Care Program (Runtime: 2:23)

The director of a child care program discusses and illustrates the benefits of using authentic assessment in a child care program.

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The Results Matter Expansion Project Step By Step (Runtime: 6:52)

This video illustrates how the Colorado Department of Education’s Results Matter Expansion Project supported a child care center to begin using Teaching Strategies GOLD™. The director of the program and two teachers discuss and illustrate the transition process and the benefits for children, families, and teachers.

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Engaging Families with Video at Parent-Teacher Conferences (Runtime: 7:48)

In this video, Anna La Torre, an ECE Teacher, illustrates how she shares a video of children’s development and learning with their parents at parent-teacher conferences. Anna and two parents describe the benefits of sharing video for teachers, families, and children.

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Preschool Home Visits - Making the Time to Build Relationships (Runtime: 5:12)

In this video, Sara Hefner, an Early Childhood Special Educator, discusses and illustrates the importance of making home visits in preschool. Sara and a father that she visits describe the benefits of home visits for children, families, and teachers.

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The Sunshine Bus Preschool on Wheels Program Engaging Children and Families (Runtime: 9:23)

A sequel to “Gus The Bus – Preschool on Wheels” (see below), this video illustrates how the Aspen Community Foundation, Garfield Re-2 School District, and a host of community partners produced a second Preschool on Wheels to serve families who live in isolated areas. The focus of this story is on family engagement, described by a number of families who participate in the program.

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Friendship, Inclusion, and Learning (Runtime: 7:25)

This story is about a beautiful friendship that blossomed between two young girls in a preschool classroom. The children’s parents and teacher describe how the friendship helped both girls progress in learning important social and academic skills.

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Photographer of the Day - Engaging Children and their Families (Runtime: 7:46)

This video tells the story of how a preschool teacher created a “photographer of the day” classroom job for the children. The child’s photos are shared the following day with the other children who reflect on the images and with families who get to see their children’s experiences during the school day. The teacher and a parent describe the benefits of this activity for the children, their families, and the teacher.

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Videos From Parents - Enhancing Family Engagement (Runtime: 9:58)

This video illustrates a few ways that a preschool teacher uses video to promote family engagement. The teacher invites families who can’t schedule a time to be in the classroom to take and share video clips of their occupational and community lives. The children share these videos with their classmates and the teacher integrates the clips in thematic units. The teacher also shares videos of the children with their parents.

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Using Text Messaging to Strengthen Family-School Relationships (Runtime: 8:12)

This video illustrates how a preschool teacher uses text messaging to help families clearly and quickly understand what their children are learning in the classroom, how they are learning, and ways that they can support their children to learn at home. The teacher, a parent, and the school principal share their perspectives on the use of cell phones and text messaging to build relationships.

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Family Engagement With TS GOLD (Runtime: 8:38)

This video, the first of a two-part series, features a teacher and a parent describing key family communication features and benefits in TS GOLD. The second video, “Aiden's Parent-Teacher Conference” illustrates the use of TS GOLD during an actual parent-teacher conference.

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Aiden's Parent-Teacher Conference (Runtime: 11:53)

This video is the second of a two-part series. The first video, “Family Engagement with TS GOLD,” features a teacher and a parent describing family communication features and benefits in TS GOLD. This video begins with brief interviews with the teacher and parent discussing the importance of parent-teacher conferences. The video then shows about ten minutes of an actual parent-teacher conference. The conference highlights how the teacher uses several features of TS GOLD during the conference and illustrates how the teacher describes the ways that families can participate in TS GOLD.

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Collaborating to Support Aiden (Runtime: 12:14)

Because of an immune disease and the risk of infection, Aiden was not able to be near other children. This inspiring video illustrates how a homebound interventionist and a preschool teacher collaborated to enable Aiden to attend a typical preschool classroom through video conferencing. The story illustrates a number of themes, including collaboration between general and special education, teaming, the importance of reflection, family engagement, friendships, uses of technology, modifying instructional practices to include all children, administrative support, and IEP meetings.

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Using The Project Approach In a Spanish-Speaking Preschool Classroom (Runtime: 10:09)

This video illustrates a variety of themes and practices as the teacher discusses Spanish-speaking classrooms, The Project Approach, family engagement, community engagement and support, and having high expectations for all children.

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Gus the Bus - Preschool on Wheels (Runtime: 9:32)

This video tells the story of how a community foundation and school district partnered to create a preschool on wheels and provide early education services to children living in isolated areas.

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Using Technology to Enhance Instruction and Family Engagement (Runtime: 9:44)

This video illustrates how a preschool teacher uses a variety of technologies, including computers, iPads, iPods, a Promethean Board, and a media sharing site, to enhance instruction for children and engage their families.

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Ruairi Goes To Preschool (Runtime: 11:52)

This video tells a heartwarming story in which a family, a preschool teacher and her staff, a state TA provider, and a school principal worked together to enable a young girl with significant medical issues to attend a preschool classroom through video conferencing.

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Reflections of a First Year Teacher (Runtime: 6:44)

First-year preschool teacher Ashley Hamand describes how she was video recorded for an entire school day and reflects on what she learned when she watched and shared the clips with others.

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Thompson Family Circles: All About Relationships (Runtime: 10:39)

This video describes and illustrates this program of Thompson School District. The Thompson Family Circles reaches out to families with young children before they begin preschool, providing a parenting support that is bilingual, relationship-based, and playful.

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Using Video for Reflection and Coaching at SD27J Preschool (Runtime: 5:47)

This clip describes how video is being used as a foundation for self-reflection and coaching at SD27J Preschool in Brighton, Colorado.

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Example of Using Video for Coaching at SD27J Preschool (Runtime: 7:54)

This video illustrates the principles presented in "Overview of The Incredible Years at SD27L Preschool." It was recorded during one day in one classroom and includes scenes of Dinosaur School during group time, children using problem-solving strategies during play activities, and interviews with a child, a teacher, and a parent.

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Aurelius Reading at Naptime (Runtime: 4:52)

This clip tells the story of how a preschool teacher used digital video and other technologies to help document and assess a young boy's notable skills and share the information with the child's family.

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Overview of Dialogic Reading at SD27J Preschool (Runtime: 6:07)

This video describes how teachers in SD27J Preschool in Brighton, Colorado use this approach to interactive reading.

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Example of Dialogic Reading at SD27J Preschool (Runtime: 4:15)

This video illustrates a dialogic reading group.

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Overview of The Incredible Years at SD27J Preschool (Runtime: 4:15)

This video illustrates how teachers in SD27J Preschool in Brighton, Colorado use The Incredible Years, also known as "Dinosaur School."

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Example of The Incredible Years at SD27J Preschool (Runtime: 7:52)

This video illustrates how teachers in SD27J Preschool in Brighton, Colorado use The Incredible Years, also known as "Dinosaur School."

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Finley's Parent-Teacher Conference (Runtime: 11:03)

This video shows highlights of a parent-teacher conference. The meeting occurred during the half hour before school began and the parent brought two of her children, her preschooler, and infant, along with her. The video illustrates a variety of practices, including using engaging open-ended questions, active listening, positive ways to share information with families, having strengths-based discussions, and sharing photo and video documentation with families.

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Connecting Learning Opportunities (Runtime: 1:34)

Early childhood educator Sarah Mogen discusses how she presents information to children in various but connected ways to reach different kinds of learners.

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Linking Documentation and Curriculum (Runtime: 1:35)

Christina DeVarona, an early childhood educator, illustrates how documentation helps her plan and set up the curriculum, including gauging children's interests, understanding their learning styles, and expanding on ideas.

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Sharing Documentation with Families (Runtime: 1:03)

Sarah Mogen discusses the importance of sharing documentation with families.

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The Essential Role of Observation and Documentation (Runtime: 1:30)

Sarah Mogen discusses the importance of observing and documenting children’s participation in the classroom.

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Using Documentation to Become a Better Teacher (Runtime: 3:12)

Sarah Mogen discusses the process of learning to use video and some of the benefits of using it in the classroom, including improving teaching skills.

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