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Colorado Department of Education Professional Development - Developing an Overall Classroom Schedule (Tri-State Webinar)

Developing an Overall Classroom Schedule (Tri-State Webinar)

Audience: Educators, Other District/School Staff | Topic: Autism, Special Education | Hosted by: Office of Special Education

On-Demand format. Developing an Overall Classroom Schedule (Tri-State Webinar)
On-Demand format

Originally aired September 11, 2014
Mary Woodworth, Ed.S.


Learner Objectives

Participants will:

  • Understand why it is important to set up a classroom that is physically structured and organized.
  • Be able to create an Overall Classroom Schedule for their programs.
  • Be able to generate Individual Student Schedules from their Master Schedule.
  • Be able to generate Support Staff Schedules from their Master Schedule


Study Questions

  1. Why should teachers develop an Overall Classroom Schedule?
  2. What are some of the key components to consider when building an Overall Classroom Schedule?



Contact Information

Amanda Timmerman


Once you have completed the requirements of this webinar, you will be sent your certificate (approximately 45 minutes of Professional Development Hours)

Professional development events offers a certificate

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