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Colorado Department of Education Professional Development - Effective Teaming, Collaboration, and Improved Communication

Effective Teaming, Collaboration, and Improved Communication

Audience: Educators | Topic: Preschool through Third Grade (P-3) | Hosted by: Preschool Through 3rd Grade

On-Demand format. Effective Teaming, Collaboration, and Improved Communication
On-Demand format

This training opportunity is for administrative leadership teams that represent both special education and general education. The team will work with CDE staff on how to implement effective teaming, collaboration, and improved communication within their system. Adults working better together will achieve improved outcomes for children and families. Four coaching calls with individual teams will be a part of this training.

Course Structure

  • Completing an online basic teaming skills module
  • An individualized strengths assessment of your community
  • Four coaching calls to support administrative leadership teams to dig deeper into their current organizational system around teaming and collaboration practices between general education and special education.
  • Co-create with CDE staff unique action steps for system improvement and implementation within your system.

Contact Information

Sandi Link

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