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ICAP and Grad Guidelines Support

Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP)

The Individual and Career Academic Plan or ICAP, formally implemented in 2009, is required for all schools. ICAP helps students prepare for life after high school. 

By taking ownership of the ICAP process students explore their talents and aspirations, participate in career and postsecondary options, and create pathways to financial success after high school.

  • The fact sheet (PDF) explains the ICAP process and why it’s important for Colorado’s students and families.

For more information, visit the ICAP webpage.

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Colorado Graduation Guidelines

The Colorado Department of Education’s Graduation Guidelines are a roadmap to high school graduation. The Graduation Guidelines outline a series of competencies that give students options to show what they know and can do before they graduate high school. The fact sheets and timeline here help provide districts and schools with the basic tools to align local graduation requirements that meet or exceed the CDE’s Graduation Guidelines.

  • Menu of College and Career-Ready Demonstration
    This menu provides a list of minimum measures in English and math that students – beginning with the class of 2021 – meet before graduating. Students must demonstrate college or career readiness by at least one measure in both English and math.
  • Timeline
    After the Colorado State Board of Education adopted new Graduation Guidelines in 2015, school districts asked CDE to develop a timeline that they could follow to develop and implement revised graduation requirements.  
  • Capstone Project
    The Capstone Project is a multifaceted body of work compiled during the course of a student’s high school career. This fact sheet outlines the features of capstones and portfolios, and why this is an important element in assessing a students’ college or career readiness, and it provides implementations strategies for schools.
  • Industry Certification
    Part of college and career readiness may include industry-ready graduates. Students earn a credential that is recognized by various industries which can lead to jobs or other training opportunities right after graduation.

For more information about Colorado Graduation Guidelines, visit: