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Health and Wellness

Fact Sheets

These Health and Wellness Fact Sheets provide a snapshot of information explaining each grant's intent for school districts, charters and BOCES across Colorado. Funding assists with physical, mental and behavioral health support for students and professional development opportunities for educators.

  • CDC 1801 Healthy Schools Grant (PDF)
    In 2008, Colorado received a grant award from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to reduce chronic disease risk factors and improve student health by addressing healthy eating/nutrition, physical education, physical activity, out of school time and chronic disease management for children and youth.
  • Comprehensive Health Education Grant (PDF)
    The Colorado Comprehensive Health Education Grant encourages a planned, sequential health education program offered at every grade level pre-K through grade 12. The intent of the program is to foster healthy behaviors through increasing students’ health knowledge and skills to establish and maintain their health and wellness in addition to the modification and reduction of “high-risk behaviors.”
  • Comprehensive Quality Physical Education Instruction Pilot Program (PDF)
    This pilot program and provide funding to schools or districts to implement model physical education policies. CDE funded four schools within three districts with approximately $80,000 per school year to implement the grant focus areas for three years.
  • K-5 Social Emotional Health Pilot Grant (PDF)
    House Bill 19-1017 establishes a pilot program to place a team of school mental health professionals in participating schools and will allow to provide necessary support for young students and their families at a critical time in their education.,
  • Marijuana Use Prevention Resource Bank (PDF)
    The Marijuana Use Prevention Resource Bank, also known as the Jack Splitt Memorial Marijuana Resource Bank, consists of evidence-based, research-based and promising materials and curricula pertaining to marijuana use prevention to help public schools address marijuana use with students in the age of legal recreation for adults.

  • Mental Health Education Literacy Resource Bank (PDF)
    ​The mental health education literacy resource bank is required to include programs that are evidence-based, research-based or promising programs.
  • Menstrual Hygiene Products Accessibility Grant Program (PDF)
    The Menstrual Hygiene Products Accessibility Grant Program was created by Colorado Senate Bill 21-255, “Free Menstrual Hygiene Products to Students,” and signed into law on July 6, 2021. The program aims to provide free menstrual hygiene products and product disposal to all students regardless of their gender identity.
  • Project AWARE (PDF)
    Colorado’s Project AWARE aims to build a comprehensive, coordinated, and integrated school behavioral health services system.
  • School Health Professional Grant (PDF)
    The Colorado School Health Professional Grant Program provides funds to eligible education providers to enhance the presence of school health professionals for elementary and secondary levels.
  • Student Health and Nursing Services (PDF)
    The goal of providing student health services in school is to maintain the physical, mental and social health of children so they can benefit from their educational opportunities.
  • Student Wellness Grant (PDF)
    The purpose of the grant is the implementation of Whole School, Whole Child, Whole Community approaches to improve the health and wellness of students to reduce barriers to learning and health.

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