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 Fact Sheets

  • Colorado’s Education Improvement Efforts “101” (PDF)
    This fact sheet provides an overview, implementation progress and next steps for Colorado's Achievement Plan for Kids (Senate Bill 08-212), the Education Accountability Act (Senate Bill 09-163) and the Great Teachers and Leaders Act (Senate Bill 10-191).
  • Overview of Elevate Colorado, the Online Inter-rater Agreement Training System  (PDF)
    To support a fair and consistent educator evaluation system, the Colorado Department of Education is developing tools to promote common interpretations of teacher quality and help evaluators provide useful and actionable feedback to educators.
  • Overview of Evaluation Requirements and Timeline for Specialized Service Professionals (PDF)
    To ensure every child in Colorado has access to great educators who are supported in their professional growth; new evaluation requirements under Senate Bill 10-191 are intended to provide meaningful, annual evaluations for all licensed personnel.
  • Overview of S.B. 10-191 Requirements for Early Childhood Educators (PDF)
    High quality early childhood education plays a crucial role in the foundation for school readiness for Colorado’s young children. A key component of quality programming is the assurance that every child in Colorado has access to great educators who are supported in their professional growth. 
  • Educator Effectiveness Metrics (PDF)
    CDE’s role in reporting on the implementation of educator evaluation systems statewide includes collecting performance evaluation data and providing aggregated data back to districts and the public. This fact sheet provides an overview of the reports associated with this process, referred to as the Educator Effectiveness Metrics, and the timeline for publicly reporting a subset of the metrics.
  • CMAS Results and Educator Evaluations (PDF)
    This fact sheet outlines how new Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) assessments can and cannot be used in teacher evaluations.

  • Overview of the Colorado State Model Performance Management System (PDF) 
    CDE is working in partnership with RANDA Solutions, Inc. (RANDA) to create an online performance management system to support districts in the implementation of the Colorado State Model Evaluation System.
  • Accountability Guidance (HB 15-1323) (PDF)
    HB15-1323 affects several different education issues, including state assessments, educator effectiveness and assessment pilots. This summary provides details on the changes to school and district accountability.
  • What is Senate Bill 10-191?  (PDF)
    This fact sheet provides a high level overview of the bill that was passed in 2010 with the idea that every child in every community deserves excellent classroom teachers and building leaders who are supported in their professional growth.
  • What is the Colorado State Model Evaluation System?  (PDF)
    To support school districts in the implementing Senate Bill 10-191, CDE is developing a model evaluation system that districts may choose to use for their teacher and/or principal evaluations.
  • Understanding the Non-probationary Implications of S.B. 10-191 (PDF)
    With the passage of Senate Bill 10-191, the expectations for teachers to earn and maintain non-probationary status have been changed. This fact sheet focuses on the earning and retaining of non-probationary status and is meant as a high-level guide.
  • Helping educators teach English Language Learners
    CDE will be creating new flexible professional development pathways for new and current teachers to better serve students with English language education needs.

 Quality Standards Reference Guides

  • Principal Quality Standards (PDF)
    This reference guide on the Principal/Assistant Principal Quality Standards is helpful for reflection and ongoing conversation on the aspects of school leadership. 
  • Teacher Quality Standards Reference Guide  (PDF)
    This reference guide on the Teacher Quality Standards is helpful for reflection and ongoing conversation on the aspects of great teaching.  

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