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21st CCLC Subgrantee Resources

Important Documents

State-Level Evaluation Documents

Data Reporting Requirements

  • Monthly Attendance is due the 15th of each month
    (submit through EZReports)
  • Teacher Surveys are due June 15, 2023
    (submit through EZReports)
  • 2020-2021 IFR (Interim Financial Report) due to CDE:
    (submit to CDE through
    • February 15, 2023
      • covering the period of 7/1/22-1/31/23

Fiscal/Budget Technical Assistance

Assistance available from Grants Fiscal on:

  • Allowed Carryover 
  • Budget Revisions and Submissions

Webinars and Trainings

If you would like the presentations or accompanying documents for any of the links below, please reach out to the OSS Program Assistant


Cohort 9/ESSER II OST RFA Documentation (2021)

Primary Application Materials

Cohort 10 RFA Documentation (2023)

Primary Application Materials

Templates and Forms

Monitoring Documents and Processes

In accordance with ESSA Sec. 4205(b)(1), 21st CCLC programs are required to conduct ongoing monitoring and evaluation to assess progress towards achieving the goal of providing high quality opportunities for academic enrichment and to provide evidence that the program helps students meet the State and local student academic achievement standards. 

Program Monitoring:

CDE will monitor subgrantees' grant program compliance on a regular basis through reviewing and approving fiscal and program reports, performing desk reviews, and conducting onsite visits and interviews.

CDE will conduct at least two onsite visits to every funded center during the grant performance period. The first visit will be an orientation visit, occurring within the first year of programming. The second onsite visit will be a monitoring visit to evaluate the subgrantee’s program. Additional visits may occur based on results from ongoing monitoring and risk analysis conducted by CDE. The purpose of the onsite visits is to validate information provided in fiscal and program reports, and to gather more detailed information on implementation efforts and program quality.

The following documents may be helpful as subgrantees prepare for CDE's 21st CCLC onsite monitoring visits for Cohort 9 and Cohort E2 OST:

Prior to an onsite visit, subgrantees are required to submit all relevant information and supporting documentation that will allow CDE to conduct an efficient and effective visit. A report of findings and recommendations for next steps for program improvement will be available to the 21st CCLC Program Directors approximately 60 days following the onsite monitoring visit.


For additional information, please contact your assigned consultant. 

Anna Young 21st CCLC State Coordinator | (720) 614-8666

Cody Buchanan - 21st CCLC Lead Consultant | (720) 614-8665

Jacqueline Chavez - 21st CCLC Lead Consultant | (720) 557-4655

Shannon Allen - E2 OST Lead Consultant | (720) 498-4675

Susanna Spear - Program Assistant | (720) 305-7536