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TIPS Interactive Homework

Teachers Involve Parents in Schoolwork (TIPS) is a resource to encourage teachers and families work together for student learning.  TIPS Interactive Homework is an example of a high impact Family-School-Community Partnering strategy.



Over 15 years of research indicates:

  • The implementation of TIPS Interactive Homework resources increased familial engagement with students’ school work regardless of family background or students’ initial skill set
  • The use of TIPS resources enhanced positive feelings around homework and homework time for both students and family members.
  • The consistent utilization of TIPS resources facilitated student improvement in study skills, report card grades, and in test-score achievement in the content area related to the TIPS resources. (Epstein & Van Voorhis, 2001; 2012)

The Colorado Department of Education partnered with Johns Hopkins University and teams of Colorado educators to develop TIPS assignments for literacy in grades K-3.  The homework assignments are intentionally and specifically aligned with the Colorado Academic Standards; they were written by and for Colorado teachers. To best utilize these TIPS resources in classrooms and schools, CDE and Johns Hopkins recommend that teachers and principals review thoroughly the TIPS training manual. The manual provides invaluable information about the what, why, when, and how of implementing TIPS.

TIPS Resources

For questions about this resource, contact Darcy Hutchins, CDE’s Family Partnership Director, at or 303-866-5921.