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Performance Data Analysis

This analysis forms the basis for the remainder of the UIP.  Successful analysis includes organizing relevant data from local and state sources. Within this section, you will complete an analysis that helps summarize current performance, identify trends within that data and prioritize areas of focus (Performance challenges). 

Data Culture Video Series

Data for Performance Data Analysis

A wide range of data could be included in this analysis including local and state level achievement and growth, early learning measures, promotion, dropout, and graduation rates, behavior and discipline as well as some process related data such as surveys.  State level data sources are accessible on the CDE website.

The CDE has also compiled two reference documents providing basic guidance for using local assessment data from iReady or NWEA MAP:

CDE Developed Templates/Tools​




Sections in the UIP

  • Current Performance:  This section should include a summary interpretation of the school’s performance
  • Notable Trends:  This section identifies trends and should include 3 years of data.
  • Performance Challenges:  This section is where the school identifies which of the challenges will be the focus for the remainder of the plan, paying particular attention to the scope of the challenge.