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Office of Student Support


The Office of Student Support (OSS) is a keystone to CDE’s initiative “All Means All”. We are dedicated to ensuring that all students have access to high-quality educational and enrichment opportunities. We reinforce whole-child success by supporting educational stability, academic learning, social/emotional development, and family/caregiver engagement, which are key assets to educational success. We focus supports on students and their families who encounter multiple vulnerabilities, including poverty, homelessness, and/or foster care. Our programs consist of 21st CCLC, Education StabilityFoster Care Education, McKinney-Vento and Title V.

OSS values partnerships with other programs within CDE, as well as other agencies and community organizations. Key areas of focus for OSS include student connectedness, systemic and student supports.

Student Connectedness

Students who encounter multiple vulnerabilities often struggle with competing vital priorities and educational stability and are most at-risk of disconnection and withdrawal from the education system. These students can often experience a lack of connection with school personnel, educators, trusted adults, and families/caregivers. By helping schools identify student needs and providing educators or other school personnel professional development and capacity-building opportunities,  we assist in fostering student connectedness, cultivating a sense of belonging and promoting educational success for students.

  • Keys to Student Connectedness
    • OSS partners with educators and school/ community personnel to:
    • Build awareness and identify needs;
    • Create educational points of contact/navigators;
    • Cultivate wraparound school and community supports for students and families;
    • Provide targeted individualized supports;
    • Prepare and support trusted adults and positive adult relationships; and
    • Promote a feeling of safety, structure, and belonging as well as positive bonds with people and social institutions.

Systemic Supports

Students who encounter multiple vulnerabilities often struggle with systemic barriers stemming from historical, economic, and geographical disparities. These students can often experience a lack of access and full participation in school as well as access to other important school and community resources. By identifying and addressing systematic barriers, we strengthen the systems necessary to ensure ALL students have an equitable pathway to success. This is achieved through strategic grant programs, effective school and community partnerships, and supporting the implementation of local, state, and federal laws and policies.

  • Keys to Systemic Supports
    • OSS partners with educators and school/ community personnel to:
    • Effective school, district, and program policies/procedures;
    • Immediate enrollment, access, and full participation;
    • Safe, supportive environments during out-of-school time; and
    • Comprehensive wraparound supports that help meet essential needs of students and families.

Student Supports

Students who experience multiple vulnerabilities and encounter systemic barriers often face obstacles to equitable academic opportunities. These students need additional supports and services that will lead to their educational success, which will then lead to their success beyond school. By providing data-driven technical assistance and professional development, we assist schools in identifying the various needs of students and implementing student-level supports and services.

  • Keys to Student Supports
    • OSS partners with educators and school/ community personnel to:
    • Disruptions and delays due to high mobility;
    • Awareness of issues and resources;
    • Supports for academic success;
    • Seamless transitions;
    • Multiple student pathways; and
    • School/site barriers, including transportation.