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Valley High School (9032)

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Valley High School


Valley High School, located in Gilcrest, Colorado, serves a diverse student population with a variety of backgrounds and needs. As of the latest available data, the school has approximately 515 students. The demographic breakdown of Valley High School is as follows: Economically Disadvantaged (Free and Reduced Lunch): Around 60% of the students at Valley High School qualify for free and reduced-price lunch programs. This percentage suggests that a significant portion of the student body comes fr om families with lower income levels, which may impact their educational experiences and support needs. English Language Learners (ELL): About 10% of the student population at Valley High School consists of English Language Learners. These students may come from diverse linguistic backgrounds, requiring additional support in acquiring English proficiency to succeed academically. Special Education (SPED): Approximately 15% of the students receive Special Education services. This group includes students with a range of disabilities who receive individualized support to meet their unique learning needs. Ethnic and Racial Diversity: Valley High School reflects the rich cultural diversity of the area, with a student body that is approximately 50% White and 50% Hispanic. This diversity likely contributes to a vibrant and inclusive school environment, offering students opportunities to learn from one another and celebrate different cultures. Community Background: The community around Valley High School has a strong connection to traditional farming, ranching, and oil production. This connection to agriculture and energy industries might influence the curriculum and extracurricular activities at the school, offering students opportunities to explore career pathways related to these sectors. In addition to its diverse student population, Valley High School likely offers a range of academic and extracurricular programs to support the needs and interests of its students. These programs may include Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs that align with the local industries, as well as opportunities for students to participate in Special Olympics events and access Gifted and Talented Programs if available. Valley High School also works with the University of Northern Colorado and AIMS Community college to provide post secondary opportunities for our students while attending VHS. Overall, Valley High School serves a diverse and dynamic community, striving to provide all its students with a quality education while recognizing and addressing the unique needs of its population.



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