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Sedalia Elementary School (7718)

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Sedalia Elementary School


Sedalia Elementary School is a Title 1 school in Douglas County School District. Our student body make up is 49% White and 51% Non-White. Approximately 45% of our students qualify for meal assistance. The impacts of from the pandemic have been greater than imagined. Many students fell further behind academically than we predicted and the social emotional toll the pandemic had on kids is far beyond what was anticipated. We have used more time working on SEL connections during school than we neede d previously which has impacts that reach to every aspect of our students' school days. Instructional improvements are being made daily through the implementation of a new tier 1 universal literacy program, Benchmark Workshop (K-5) and Benchmark Advanced (6th grade). In addition, we meet weekly with PLC teams to discuss student progress. Most grade level teams are using vocabulary assessments from our universal program for their data. This structure is still in development but the conversations during these meetings is bringing some new awareness to things happening in the classroom. In addition to the program implementation and PLCs, we completed a book study as a staff last year using the book, " Visible Learning for Literacy ", Fisher, Frey, Hattie (2016). This text was chosen because of the high leverage instructional practices in literacy that also transfer to other content areas. Coupling this book study with the continued work from previous book studies; " Learning Targets " Moss, Brookhart (2012) and " Mathematical Mindsets " Boaler (2016) we are laying both the foundation and the common practices through systematic changes. These changes take time and consistency. Consistency in staffing has been an issue at Sedalia Elementary. In the past 5 years, we have lost over 50 staff members who have either left the profession or taking positions elsewhere for higher pay. Building systems and routines that are consistent for students is slowed with this rate of attrition. The commitment to improve student learning and outcomes has never waned. The staff approaches each day with the expectation of providing a safe and highly engaging learning day for kids. We are proud of the community we serve, proud of our families and students, proud to be part of this staff, and dedicated to making improvements in all areas of teaching and learning.



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