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Skyview Academy (6365)

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Skyview Academy


SkyView Academy is a PreK-12th grade charter school in the Douglas County School District. SkyView maintains its founding vision and commitment to prepare students to be life-long learners and honorable leaders of tomorrow. Additionally, SkyView's mission remains at the forefront of each decision. SkyView Academy offers a research-based, content-rich liberal arts program committed to foreign language studies and community service. Staff, parents, and students are actively involved in a culture o f expectation and support where individuals are respected, valued, and known by the content of their character. SkyView Academy strives to accomplish the following objectives: To foster a joy of learning and a passion for knowledge in each student by offering a rigorous, research-based, and content-rich curriculum that challenges each student to achieve their highest potential. To teach children to be more aware and respectful of other cultures, languages, and traditions through an integrated world language program that begins in preschool. To encourage children to participate in their local community activities and help them gain an appreciation and increased sense of compassion for others regardless of ability or circumstance. To create independent, well-rounded, and confident students through a program that effectively balances academics, physical education, and general wellness. To provide a school culture where students, parents, and educators are welcomed, valued, and actively engaged in the learning process. To hire staff members committed to our school's mission and provide opportunities for them to learn from each other and learn from other educational professionals. To provide a student learning environment that increases academic achievement and fosters the development of social skills through effective classroom management strategies and a clear and consistent school-wide discipline policy. To recognize that not all students start at the same level, learn in the same way, or master skills at the same pace and provide various teaching strategies and instructional methods that recognize these differences to make learning accessible to every student. To increase awareness and support for parental choice in education by creating a community of actively involved advocates in the charter school industry.



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