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DSST: Elevate Northeast Middle School (2190)

Middle school

Charter school

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DENVER, CO 80239

Charter School.


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Grade 6 - Grade 7

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About DSST: Elevate Northeast Middle School (2190)


DSST: Elevate Northeast Middle School


OUR PROGRAM: Each year, students take a base of core classes, which include an English language arts, math, science, and a social studies/Spanish language arts course. Additionally, students have the opportunity to choose electives each year. Currently, we offer a wide variety of electives. Examples include fine arts, creative engineering, PE, and health. We believe that by holding our students to a high standard, and through offering them high support, they will thrive academically. Our small school setting allows teachers and students to develop and nurture close relationships to create an inclusive, strong community and a culture where every student is valued for who they are and their successes. DSST Middle School at Noel Campus (now DSST: Elevate NE Middle School) seeks to involve parents and stakeholders through school communication and opportunities for feedback. LEADERSHIP AND STAFF: We have a diverse leadership team and staff and we focus on developing a healthy team and a culture of feedback. SCHOOL CULTURE & CLIMATE: Our school culture emphasizes our core values, a highly structured environment with gradual release as student move up grades, student investment and co-creation of school culture, student leadership and high academic expectations. We have several academic and behavioral supports and interventions (PBIS, tutoring, refocus, practice support groups, etc.) OUR STUDENTS: We have approx 450 students. We are a Title I school and approximately 95% of students identify as students of color. CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTIONAL MODELS AND CHOICES: Our curriculum and instruction model and materials are aligned to CCSS and rigorous interim assessments. Students engage in both state testing and network-created tests. At the network level, students take interim assessments in each of their core content areas three times a year. At the state level, students take both the ELA and Math CMAS test each spring at each grade level. In addition, students take iReady in the fall, winter, and spring; ELLs take the required ACCESS test; and we administer the GT and NNAT tests. Other key features of the DSST program include: Enrollment: Any Denver metro area student may apply for the lottery admissions process. Technology: One-to-one laptop computer program supports instruction in a wireless environment. Community: A commitment to six core values creates a school culture that fosters academic and personal success. Four days a week, all students and staff come together for a twenty-minute Morning Meeting to start the day. Morning Meetings are led by a staff member or student and most often center on a core value, celebrate our college-going culture, highlight student activities and events, or build culture and community through stories or games. Advisory: Each student is known, cared for, and held accountable for community participation and contributions, academic effort, and achievement through the advisory program. Faculty and staff are responsible for an advisory group of 15 to 16 students, and advisors meet with their advisees daily in the morning. The advisor also serves as the primary locus for the parent-school relationship. FAMILY AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: During the school year we have one parent group (Science and Tech Parents (STP)).The group meets monthly to provide input on our school programming and develop programs and support for our school community. We also solicit parent feedback regularly (at least 3 times per year) and have several whole school events such as ice cream socials, Bulldog Night, Sporting Events, Awards Night, Heritage Night, Etc.



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