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Compass Academy (1939)

Middle school

Charter school

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DENVER, CO 80219

Charter School.


Total Students Served

Grade 6 - Grade 8

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About Compass Academy (1939)


Compass Academy


Mission: Compass Academy develops students into Learners & Leaders who are ready to contribute to their local and global communities. We support students by developing academic and social competencies and skills that provide post-secondary pathway success. At Compass Academy, we are committed to creating an environment of learning defined by purpose, relevance and a focus on the whole child, where every student feels known and is provided the support to succeed. It is important to challenge each student to master critical skills necessary for college and career readiness and support them in developing language proficiency for their future opportunities. Characteristics of Our Educational Program: Compass Academy shapes students? experiences to fortify strengths, address challenges, promote culture and community, and prepare students for the world beyond Compass Academy. Diverse community experiences fit within an integrated and structured approach to meaning making and reflection, which enables students to develop healthy, foundational identities. Compass Academy's Compass Points articulate the academic skills, knowledge, values, and mindsets that prepare students to successfully navigate the challenges they will face in high school, college and/or the workplace. The five student Compass Points named below, synthesize our deepest foundational elements: Academic Mastery for All Student Definition ?I seek Excellence?: I commit to academic excellence. I know which strategies help me learn and I have the tools and skills to succeed in school and in the world. Compass? Program: Compass provides a rigorous academic experience demonstrating high expectations for students? potential, while providing the support to help them achieve academic excellence. Compass leverages a variety of formative, interim, and summative assessments to track and measure academic progress, as well as student progress monitoring enhanced by City Year corps members. Learning is Social and Emotional Student Definition ?I am Determined?: I am resourceful and maximize my potential. I understand myself and where I want to go. Compass? Program: Compass builds students? internal engine that enables success in school, post-secondary education, careers, and their communities. By intentionally teaching and integrating Compass Academy's Learner & Leader (L&L) Competencies throughout the day, students develop social-emotional skills including self-awareness, advocacy, and communication as well as healthy mindsets to support their well-being. Their well-being and competency development is monitored through a L&L curriculum, the Holistic Student Assessment developed at Harvard University, the Co-Pilot Elevate survey (PERTs) developed at Stanford and areas of strength and growth are also identified by City Year corps and staff through the Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA) observational tool. Learning Opens Worlds Student Definition ?I am Inclusive?: I advocate for equity, value diversity in all its forms, and see biliteracy as an asset that will fuel my future success. Compass? Program: As a school focused on developing students? multicultural competencies, linguistic proficiency, appreciation for global citizenship, all students take a Spanish class at the appropriate level and are offered core bilingual classes each year. Students? progression towards Spanish proficiency is assessed using DPS's Oral Spanish Placement Test and the District pathway rubric. Students also are taught about diversity, cultural competence, and navigating potential discomfort across lines of difference. Learning Promotes the Greater Good Student Definition ?I am a Change-Maker?: I lead with integrity and make the world a better place. Compass? Program: Compass students have the opportunity to apply their learning to the real issues that matter most to them both in and out of school. These experiences provide opportunities for students to take advantage of the resources and assets in their communities to make a difference. Learning is Powered by Community Student Definition ?I Belong?: I belong to my community, and I am responsible for its success. Compass? Program: Compass Academy's culture is defined by deep authentic relationships between individuals, families, and the broader community. Community is developed through structures and rituals that leverage the potential of our students to create a sense of belonging, commitment, academic success, and a shared belief in our school's mission and vision. These structures and rituals include morning meetings, village meetings, and engaging with community partners and experts both in and outside the school walls.



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