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Ascend College Prep (7661)

Performance Frameworks & Unified Improvement Plan:

Official Performance Ratings

Selected Report Year: 2023
Rating: Insufficient State Data
Performance Watch Status: Not on Performance Watch
Rating Source: Rating based on 1-Year Performance Report

Selected Report Year: 2022
Rating: Performance Plan
Performance Watch Status: Not on Performance Watch
Rating Source: Revised 1-Year Report Rating: Not based on Framework Points Earned

Accessing Performance Framework Data

The Colorado Department of Education publishes annual School and District Performance Frameworks (SPFs and DPFs) that provide school plan type and district accreditation ratings under the state accountability system. Official ratings are based on student outcomes on key performance indicators: Academic Achievement, Academic Growth, and Postsecondary & Workforce Readiness. Districts and schools earn points for each key indicator, and then points are combined to determine the overall percentage of points earned. The State Board of Education defines cut-points for accreditation ratings based on the overall percentage of points earned on the performance framework.

Districts and Schools are assigned plan types as displayed by the triangles in the graphics below. The colored lines beneath the respective triangles indicate the possible ratings with score ranges. To change the display below, click the links on the sidebar to the right of the screen.

Accessing Improvement Plans

Unified Improvement Planning was developed to streamline state and federal improvement requirements, as well as create a single plan that meaningfully engages stakeholders. Colorado schools and districts can improve student learning and system effectiveness by engaging in a cycle of continuous improvement to manage their performance. To support this purpose, each Colorado district and school creates improvement plans.

The most recent published version of school and district improvement plans are available in the gray box above, titled "Unified Improvement Plan (UIP)".

Official Performance Ratings - (2023)

Ascend College Prep (7661) 2022 Performance Plan 100% No Participation Rating Assigned (n < 20) Not on Performance Watch Revised 1-Year Report Rating: Not based on Framework Points Earned
Ascend College Prep (7661) 2023 Insufficient State Data 79.5% Meets 95% Participation Not on Performance Watch Rating based on 1-Year Performance Report

Find out how performance ratings are measured and calculated, what the ratings mean and how many schools and districts earn each of the ratings.

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