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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Updated October 2023


When creating the SchoolView site, the Department prioritized including information that we know is most frequently requested.

In 2019 and early 2020, CDE convened a coalition of stakeholders to provide initial feedback on the site and previewed a prototype of the new SchoolView site at a meeting of the Colorado Association of School Executives. Broad feedback on public data reporting was also connected from a team working on UIP reporting. Feedback collected from these processes uncovered a desire for:

  • A Spanish-language version of the site
  • Better accessibility for people with disabilities
  • A section where principals can provide information and context about their schools.
  • The incorporation of information related to school culture

After those initial sessions, CDE prioritized adding a Spanish-language version to the existing goals of improving accessibility for people with disabilities. CDE also worked on adding a section for more information about a school that can be added by principals and school culture information.

Finally, prior to the release of this site, CDE conducted numerous internal and external stakeholder outreach sessions to ensure the data was complete and accurate, the site was user friendly and that it met the goals of being accessible, available in Spanish, allowed schools and districts a voice and contained information about school culture.


Yes. In addition to keeping the data on the site current as new versions are released, CDE will also be focusing on continuous improvement by adding data and enhancing features on the site over time (such as the ability to do a side by side comparison of schools). Future work will also depend on feedback received from stakeholders.


Yes! It’s available in 133 languages through the Google translate toggle at the top of the page.


Much of the expense went into updating backend systems to allow for integration with interactive visuals. What you are seeing today was done with existing resources, for the most part. The legislature allocated about $600,000 for this project. The majority of that funding is being used to update the backend systems so they can talk with this family friendly interface. A smaller portion of the allocation was for stakeholder engagement. Some of the allocation was used to support the launch of the site so families across the state know the new resource is available to them.


SchoolView will be continuously improved throughout the year, every year. This will include adding new data that isn't currently available as well as adding new features and functionality. It also includes refreshing the existing data on the site as it is released publicly so you will always see the most updated information. If you have a suggestion on information to include in SchoolView, please use our feedback form and let us know.


Yes. Here is a list of terms and acronyms found on SchoolView with links to more information:

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) also mantains an extensive list of education acronyms.

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