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Information for Test Takers

Interactive Map of High School Equivalency Testing Centers in Colorado

Need to find a testing center? Use this map to find an approved center near you. Click on a testing center bubble to see which tests are offered (GED or HiSET) and contact information.
map of Colorado
Attention test takers: Many test centers have reduced their testing capacity in response to COVID-19. Please use this interactive map to contact your test center for their updated availability.

Find Local GED or HiSET Preparation Classes

In Colorado, you do not have to participate in a preparation program before taking the GED or HiSET. However, some people prefer to take classes to prepare for their exam.

You can use this interactive map of Adult Education Services from the Adult Education Initiatives office to find a preparation program in your community. Look for a location that lists high school equivalency (HSE) courses as part of its services.

Note: CDE does not endorse, recommend or favor any specific preparation program.  Test takers should research the quality and cost of any program before signing up. 

Order diplomas or transcripts

You must order your diploma or transcript through Diploma Sender.  These are not issued automatically and the Colorado HSE Office does not provide these documents.


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