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Executive Orders and Public Health Orders

Required: An entity is legally bound to do, as required by federal or state law, executive orders, state/local public health orders, state board rule, or in the case of waivers, expectations that the state board requires in exchange for waiving a state law or rule. Executive orders and public health orders could change over the next months as we learn more about COVID-19 and receive updated epidemiological data. 


  • Executive Order D 2021 095 Mask Order - Expires 30 days from May 2, 2021

  • PHO 20-38 - Effective May 2, 2021 and expires May 15, 2021, unless extended, rescinded, superseded, or amended in writing. 


    • New:  Section III.C.1: authorizing face coverings to be removed in a school classroom setting for the purpose of playing a musical instrument that cannot otherwise be played while wearing a face covering
    • Appendix 1, Section 13: Clarifies that P-12 educational institutions and child care centers must follow outbreak guidance.

CDPHE All Public Health Orders and Executive Orders

Note: P-12 public school and private schools for the purpose of providing meals, housing, facilitating or providing materials for distance learning, and providing in person learning or other essential services to students as determined by the school or school district in consultation with the local public health agency. Such institutions are required to work with state and local public health officials and follow case and outbreak guidance for schools when cases of COVID-19 are suspected or confirmed in students or staff to determine transmission mitigation strategies, isolation, quarantine and shifting to remote learning.