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Special Milk Program (SMP)

Special Milk Program (SMP)

The Special Milk Program (SMP) provides milk to children in schools who do not participate in other federal child nutrition meal service programs. Schools operating the NSLP or SBP may also participate to provide milk to children in half day pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs where children do not have access to the school meal programs. The program reimburses schools for the milk they serve.

Special Milk Program Overview Brochure

How to Apply


Download SMP Renewal Application Instructions


Schools interested in applying for SMP must submit their application during the annual renewal of applications online. The district will select SMP for the schools that will participate in the Special Milk Program.

Camps & Institutions

Camps and Institutions interested in applying for SMP must complete the Non-Pricing Agreement and Policy Statement and submit both to the CDE School Nutrition Unit.


Sponsors must apply by the deadline each school year which is typically mid-September. Applications cannot be submitted after the deadline.

The application approval process can take up to two weeks to complete, especially when participating in multiple child nutrition programs. You will not be able to submit a claim until your renewal application is approved.

How to Claim

Use the following guidance documents to submit your claim.

View SMP Claims Instructions

Claim Deadlines

Reimbursement claims are due 60 days after the end of each month.

Special Milk Program (SMP) Daily Count Form

Program Requirements

SMP Requirements Resources:

Public Release

School food authorities (SFAs) are required to annually provide a public release of the Special Milk Program Policy that is published at the district level.

CDE School Nutrition Unit publishes a state-wide public release to meet this requirement for Colorado SFAs.This state-wide public release includes all sites participating in the National School Lunch Program and/or the Special Milk Program. Colorado SFAs can publish the public release locally as a best practice, but this is not required.

View Child Nutrition Program Public Release Templates

Daily Milk Inventory Form

Program Resources