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School Nutrition Contact Information

Any questions? Contact our team using the emails below and we'll be in touch shortly. 

For back-to-school questions, use this form to submit questions to CDE School Nutrition Staff. 

Phone: 303-866-6661; Mail: 1525 Sherman St. Suite 309 Denver, CO 80203-1942

CDE School Nutrition Staff

Brehan Riley, MS, RD, SNS

Brehan Riley, School Nutrition Unit Director


  • Manages all Child Nutrition Programs administered by CDE; determines program goals and objectives.
  • Formulates, interprets and implements state and federal statutes, rules and regulations for the Child Nutrition Programs
  • Provides leadership and expertise in planning, developing, promoting, implementing, and evaluating Child Nutrition Programs
  • Oversees budgets related to federal and state funding
  • Liaison to Colorado School Nutrition Association (CSNA); P  303-866-6299  C  720-202-3338

Amanda Mercer, MS, RD

Amanda Mercer

Nutrition Programs Supervisor

  • Interprets regulations and develops and disseminates written guidance to ensure compliance with federal, state, local policies and rules and regulations for all participating entities
  • Plans, develops, implements and evaluates child nutrition programs to meet changing priorities that support the mission of the program
  • Oversees the development of outreach activities to expand the scope and effectiveness of child nutrition programs
  • Coordinates and oversees child nutrition-related grant activities.; 720-724-3210

Kerri Link, MS, RD, SNS

kerri link

Nutrition Programs Review Supervisor​; 720-660-5499

Brittany Shores

Brittany Shores, Grants fiscal analyst

Grants Fiscal Analyst for Nutrition; (303-866-6911)

Allison Butler, MPH, RD

Allison butler

Principal Consultant; 303-242-6830

Megan Johnson, RD, SNS

Megan Johnson

Procurement Principal Consultant; 303-653-6138

Sarah McKasson, MPH

Sarah McKasson, Data and Evaluation Manager for School Nutrition

Data and Evaluation Manager

  • Oversee development and implementation of unit evaluaiton plans 
  • Oversee unit data infrastructure, analysis, and visualization; 303-916-4437

Sharon Murray, MHSE

Training and Communications Manager

  • Oversee unit wide trainings and communications; 720-584-1962

McKenna Pullen, MPH, SNS

McKenna Pullen

Senior Consultant; 720-644-7259

Kristi Brennan, MS, RD, SNS

Kristi Brennan

Senior Consultant; 720-450-0926