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Colorado Model Bullying Prevention and Education Policy

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The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) is authorized by C.R.S. 22-2-144, also known as "Ashawnty's Law," with developing a model bullying prevention and education policy. The purpose of this model policy is to provide guidance to school districts, charter schools, and the Charter School Institute when developing bullying prevention and education policies. As per the law, the development of the model policy was informed by research on the approaches, policies, and practices related to bullying prevention and education used by education providers in other states. CDE is required to update the research and policy every three years. The model policy is not required to be adopted by any local education agency. 


Model Policy

The Colorado Model Bullying Prevention and Education Policy can be found in the Colorado Bullying Prevention and Education Best Practices and Model Policy document below. The use of a best practices guide is an approach taken by many states to provide evidence-based resources to put the model policy in context. Additional bullying prevention resources can be found on the CDE Bullying Prevention Resources web page