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Media Literacy

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Media Literacy Resources

  • Resources to help Colorado's youth analyze the information, claims and sources presented to them through traditional and digital media
  • Search by grade level, topic, type and more
  • Search for educator professional development opportunities
  • Classroom resources for K-12 and instructional tools for teaching media literacy
  • Student & parent resources

Freedom of speech is a right that must not be infringed. In order to protect and reinforce this important right, the functioning of our democracy requires that Coloradans possess the ability to understand context, think critically about the information they are presented, and be free from indoctrination. The growth of social media platforms and their integration into the media diet of Coloradans has created an opportunity for the rapid and widespread dissemination of misinformation; and while the increase of misinformation has created significant divisions in our society, Coloradans maintain more in common than not.

Our ability to unite and collaborate toward successful solutions for the benefit of all Coloradans depends upon our ability to collectively identify and critically examine facts. Equipping the youth of Colorado with the critical thinking skills necessary to analyze the information, claims, and sources presented to them through traditional and digital media will empower them to make more informed decisions.

The basis for this resource bank was developed by a committee created through HB 21-1103 (PDF) which will include classroom resources for K-12, educator professional development, instructional tools for teaching media literacy, and student & parent resources. 

For further assistance, please contact Stephanie Hartman.