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Mental Health Education Literacy Resource Bank

Health and Wellness: Mental Health Education Literacy Resource Bank


Colorado’s Youth Mental Health Education and Suicide Prevention Act, HB 19-1120, directs the Colorado Department of Education to create and maintain a mental health education literacy resource bank for Colorado with assistance from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Office of Suicide Prevention, the Suicide Prevention Commission and the Colorado Youth Advisory Council. 

Resource Identification Process

The mental health education literacy resource bank is required to include programs that are evidence-based, research-based or promising programs. In order to fulfill this requirement, a list of programs was collected from various third-party registries, such as non-profit organizations and research entities who have determined that these programs are evidence-based, which is required by C.R.S. 22-2-127.9. Each registry uses its own, unique criteria for rating a program to determine its grounding in evidence or research. If a program was reviewed by a registry, a link to that program’s page on the respective registry is provided. A particular program might appear in multiple registries with one or more studies completed to determine the research base for each program.

Below are the direct links on the rating process used by each registry to develop this resource bank:


Age Range Definitions:

  • Early Childhood: ages 3-5
  • Elementary: ages 5-10
  • Middle: ages 11-13
  • High: ages 14-18
  • Young Adult: Postsecondary/College students
  • Adult: School staff, teachers, coaches, parents, etc.

Support Tier Definitions:

Based on Colorado Education Initiative’s School Behavioral Health Services Framework (PDF)

  • Tier 1: Universal Supports for All Students
  • Tier 2: Secondary or Targeted Interventions for Some Students
  • Tier 3: Tertiary or Intensive Interventions for Few Students


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