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ALP Professional Learning

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The following resources support an AU's efforts in providing Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) professional learning opportunities.

ALP Webinar Series: 

Building Understanding for Standards-aligned ALPs 


  • Webinars should be completed in order. 
  • Download accompanying documents prior to beginning the webinar. 
  • Click on the webinar title to access each tutorial. 
  • The times that are indicated represent the length of the tutorial and doesn't include time you may wish to devote to collegial discussion or completion of scenario activities.

  1. Survey Your Site:  A philosophical introduction to Standards-aligned ALPs, including an overview of ECEA Rules pertaining to ALP  (28 minutes)

  1. Your Blueprint: Developing a plan for ALP implementation to support student growth and achievement  (15 minutes)

  2. The Foundation:  Standards provide the foundation for achievement and affective goal development  (22 minutes)

  3. Structure & Design: Considerations for ALP development, defining the instructional plan & supporting implementation of the ALP process  (9 minutes)

  4. Walk Through:  Review the 7 Step ALP Process Using a Student Scenario  (25 minutes)

  1. Elementary ALP Scenario:  Develop a reading, writing, math and affective goal for an elementary student  (24 minutes)
  1. Middle School ALP Scenario:  Develop a math and affective goal for a 2e middle school student  (20 minutes)
  1. High School Student-directed ALP Scenario:  Review the process for implementing student-directed ALPs  (18 minutes)


Note: If you are not able to access the resources or need additional support, please contact the Office of Gifted Education Program Administrator.