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Overview of Programs

Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Programs Administered by the Federal Programs Unit

Title I, Part A - Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged

Title I, Part A is the largest federal program supporting both elementary and secondary education. The program's resources are allocated based upon the poverty rates of students enrolled in schools and districts and are designed to help ensure that all children meet challenging state academic standards.

Title I, Part C - Education of Migratory Children

The Migrant Education Program (MEP) provides supplemental support to eligible migrant children and youth. The purpose of the program is to ensure that migratory children are not penalized in any manner by disparities among curriculum, graduation requirements, academic content and student academic achievement standards, and ensure that migratory children are provided with appropriate educational services and opportunities so they can succeed in school and graduate from high school being postsecondary education or employment ready.

Title I, Part D - Neglected, Delinquent and At-Risk 

Title I, Part D provides funds for youth in state-operated institutions. It also provides assistance to school districts who work with local correctional facilities. Colorado receives formula funds based on the number of students in state institutions and costs per pupil.

Title II, Part A - Educator Quality 

Title II, Part A of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015 is intended to increase student academic achievement consistent with challenging State academic standards, improve the quality and effectiveness of educators, increase the number of educators who are effective in improving student academic achievement in schools, and provide low-income and minority students greater access to effective educators.

Title III - English Learners 

Title III is designed to improve the education of limited English proficient (LEP) students by helping them learn English and meet challenging state academic content and student academic achievement standards. The program provides enhanced instructional opportunities for immigrant students.

Title IV, Part A - Student Support and Academic Achievement 

Title IV, Part A of the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 is intended to improve students’ academic achievement by increasing the capacity of States, local educational agencies (LEAs), schools, and local communities to provide all students with access to a well-rounded education, improve school conditions for student learning, and improve the use of technology in order to improve the academic achievement and digital literacy of all students.

Title V Part B - Rural Education Initiative

Title V, Part B of the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA) is intended to address the unique needs of rural school districts that frequently lack the personnel and resources needed to compete effectively for Federal competitive grants and receive formula grant allocations in amounts too small to be effective in meeting their intended purpose.

Title VI - Indian, Native Hawaiian and Alaska Native Education

Title VI works with local educational agencies, Indian tribes and organizations, postsecondary institutions, and other entities toward the goal of ensuring that programs that serve Indian children are of the highest quality and provide for not only the basic elementary and secondary educational needs, but also the unique educational and culturally related academic needs of these children.

Title IX - General Provisions

Title IX, Part E, Subpart 2, Section 9532 - Unsafe School Choice Option

Colorado Ed Flex Program

Ed-Flex allows the US Secretary of Education to delegate to states the authority to waive certain federal education requirements that may impede local efforts to reform and improve education. It is designed to help districts and schools carry out educational reforms and raise the achievement levels of all children by providing increased flexibility in the implementation of federal education programs.

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ESEA Programs Administered by Other Offices at CDE