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Empowering Action for School Improvement (EASI)

EASI Application 2023-2024

Now open for applications.


EASI Grant Office Hours for Specific Supports

The EASI team and program leads will be offering office hours for select EASI supports. The goal of the office hours is to help EASI applicants understand the support, commitments involved, and get questions answered prior to submitting applications. Office hours are available for two supports- COMTSS and District Designed & Led. If your team is planning on applying for either route, we strongly encourage attendance for applicants.

EASI Grant- COMTSS Office Hour Registration

Wednesday, November 8th 3:00-4:00pm


EASI Grant- District Designed & Led Office Hour Registration

Thursday, November 9th 1:00-2:00pm


Background of the EASI Application

With the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and with revisions to the state’s Educational Accountability Act (HB 17-1355), Colorado is taking the opportunity to change the way school improvement (1003a through ESSA and the Transformation grant through HB 17-1355) funds are awarded to LEAs. Rather than multiple applications on separate timelines, CDE now streamlines school improvement opportunities into a single application and using a “needs-based approach” to award services and funding. Ultimately, the intent is to develop a robust process of matching schools’ needs with rigorous, evidence-based strategies and adequate resources. Additionally, awarded funds will enhance districts’ and schools’ ability to meet the ESSA and state requirements (e.g., stakeholder engagement, improvement plan, implementation of evidence-based interventions) in a way that directly benefits students.

Colorado is committed to aligning federal and state accountability to the degree possible. These grant funds are aimed at districts with schools that are designated as (1) Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CS) and Targeted Support and Improvement (TS), Additional Targeted Support and Improvement (A-TS) under ESSA, and (2) Improvement, Priority Improvement Turnaround or Watch through the state accountability system. Specific eligibility and prioritization requirements for each support is detailed in the Menu of Supports and the application.

Resources for Active EASI Grants

The resources below are intended to support current and active EASI grant recipients.

EASI Application Revision Process Information

Additional Prior Year Resources


Additional EASI Application and Support Lead Contacts

General Application Questions:

Laura Meushaw

720-728-9023Send an email to Laura

Lindsay Cox

720-990-7851 | Send an email to Lindsay

Online Application Technical Assistance:

Kim Burnham

303-866-6916 | Send an email to Kim

Budget Questions:

Evan Davis

303-866-6129 | Send an email to Evan