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2024-2025 Consolidated Application 

2023-2024 Consolidated Application

  • Consolidated Application Walkthrough: This training was recorded on Wednesday, April 19th, 2023. It includes updates and changes to the 23-24 Consolidated Application. PowerPointRecording
  • Consolidated Application - Calculations Mini Training: This short training goes over the formulas within the application and where it is pulling the data from. This includes the Non-public School Proportionate Share Calculation, the numbers related to the Budget Summary, the Set-Aside and Content Category Calculations and the Budget Locations Table. PowerPoint | Recording
  • Consolidated Application - How to Complete your Forms Mini Training: This short training goes over each applicable form and how applicants need to fill them out to easily receive Substantial Approval. This includes going over the Non-public Consultation form, the School Improvement Retention of Funds form, the Approval and Transmittal form, and the ARAC form. PowerPoint | Recording 
  • Consolidated Application - How to Solve Errors Mini Training: This short training goes over the most common errors that might prevent the submission of your application. PowerPoint | Recording 
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