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Diagnostic Review and Planning for AECs and Online Schools

Detailed information on AEC and Online Schools Review (PDF)


The Diagnostic Review and Planning for Alternative Education Campuses (AECs) and online schools is ideal for schools that are working to prioritize improvement efforts. The service is designed based on the unique needs and focus of AECs and online schools. Participating schools work with CDE staff to conduct a school-based diagnostic review, discuss recommendations and major areas to build on, engage stakeholders in planning efforts, and visit other participating schools. The diagnostic reviews result in a formal report that includes foundational areas of strength, suggested high leverage improvement strategies and actions, and facilitation during follow-up planning conversations. CDE staff will also support facilitated improvement planning process designed to assist the school in refining the Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) to incorporate priorities from the review.

Program Contact Information

Johann Liljengren
Turnaround Program Manager, School and District Transformation
(303) 986-0201 |

Renee Martinez
Principal Consultant, Online and Blended Learning
(303) 866-6864 |