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FSCP Essential Element- Design Capacity Building Opportunities

Design Capacity-Building Opportunities


Essential Element Definition:

Capacity building opportunities for staff and families promote shared leadership about educational outcomes for children and youth. Self-assess with the following:

  • How do you use the context expertise of families to better your content expertise?
  • How are you utilizing the assets of your families in your programs/schools?
  • How are you using FSCP as a school improvement strategy?

Essential Element 2: Design Capacity-Building Opportunities

To visit this Essential Element's Promising Partnership Practices, click the icon to the right. 

Promising Partnership Practices are collected practices from schools and districts about working with families for student learning.

Essential Element 3, Promising Partnership Practices

Essential Element Video Interviews

In this section, the Colorado Department of Education has engaged in meaningful interviews with entities around the state. We hope you enjoy learning more about the essential elements and how these schools, districts, and institutes of higher education are partnering with families and communities to improve student outcomes.

Douglas County School District
Conexion Connection​

Laurene Edmondson Elementary School
Social Emotional Learning GET Together ​

Englewood Public Schools
Inclusivity on DAC​

STEM Launch K-8
Problem Based Learning​

Denver Public Schools
FACE Centers

Cherry Creek Independence Elementary School
Knowledge at Parents' Fingertips​

Vaughn Elementary School
Vaughn Monthly Parent Math Academy

Jeffco Public Schools
READ Plan Project ​