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Facility School Finance

Tuition Cost and December Staff

Tuition Rates

December Staff

The Facility Schools December Staff System is a Periodic Collection accessible through CDE’s Data Pipeline.  Access to the system is obtained by logging into CDE’s Identity Management (IdM) Single Sign-On.  Information about the system, including deadlines and resource documents are found on the Facility Schools December Staff webpage at: December Staff System

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    Email Lori Kochevar for more information

    Facility Schools State Revenue

    The current funding formula, a baseline funding model, for Approved Facility Schools was approved through SB23-219 and is reflected in C.R.S. 22-54-129. Payment information may be found on the School Finance page.
    Email Lori Kochevar for more information

    If you need an alternate version of the PDF documents, please contact Lori Kochevar