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Local Model Evaluation Systems: Overview

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Senate Bill 10-191, the legislation which established that every licensed educator must receive a final effectiveness rating (FER) every year, stipulates that school districts/BOCES must either utilize the State Model Evaluation System (SMES) developed by CDE or create their own local model evaluation system to evaluate educators. The statutory requirements outlined in statute are as follows: 

  • Local model evaluation systems must be derived from the SMES Quality Standards and Elements.
  • Local model evaluation systems must meet or exceed the rigor of the SMES.
  • Local model evaluation systems must engage in an initial cross-walk and periodic reviews with their designated CDE Educator Effectiveness Regional Specialist to ensure the locally created system meets the aforementioned requirements.

Examples of local model evaluation systems include (this is not an exhaustive list): 

  • Denver Public Schools
  • Douglas County School District
  • Englewood School District
  • Poudre School District
  • School District 49

School districts/BOCES may also choose to create a "combination system." These evaluation systems may utilize some aspects of the SMES while also creating some of their own tools/materials to evaluate licensed personnel. For example, a district may utilize the Special Services Provider rubrics provided by the SMES and then create their own teacher rubric to evaluate general education teachers. In other instances, a district may utilize all of the SMES rubrics but employ a different performance management system to collect and store their evaluation data. 

The CDE Educator Effectiveness Regional Specialists are available to support the evaluation work of districts/BOCES using the SMES, as well as those who choose to develop their own local model evaluation system or a employ a combination of both the SMES and locally created systems. 


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