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Applicant Forms

Form 470

  • Opens a competitive bidding process
  • Identify and describe desired categories of service and function of the services
  • Describe scope of your needs
  • Notify potential bidders of the types and quantities of services that you need
  • Must be posted for 28 days

FCC Form 470 Learning Library Video Series

Form 471

  • Provide information on the service providers and eligible services you have chosen
  • Identify the eligible schools and libraries that will receive services
  • Calculate and report how much support you seek for the year
  • Include your discount calculation information

Calculating Discounts

How to file online (video coming soon)

Form 486

  • Notify USAC that your eligible services have started or been delivered and invoices for those services can be processed and paid
  • Report your status of compliance with CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA): a law with specific requirements on Internet safety policies and filtering)

Form 486: How to File Online (video)

Forms 472 (Billed Applicant Reimbursement ~BEAR) and 474 (Service Provider Invoice ~SPI)


  • Completed by applicant after all bills for services have been paid in full
  • Applicants can request reimbursement multiple times per year
  • Requires service provider certification


  • Completed by Service Provider once the applicant has received a Funding Commitment Letter
  • Applicants pay the non-discount portion of the services