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Alternative text for Diversity in Children's Books 2018 Graphic

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Diversity in children's books 2018.

Percentage of books depicting characters from diverse backgrounds based on the 2018 publishing statistics compiled by the Cooperative Children's Book Center, School of Education, University of

  • 1% American Indians/First Nations
  • 5% Latinx
  • 7% Asian Pacific Islander / Asian Pacific American
  • 10% African / African American
  • 27% Animals / Other
  • 50% White

Illustration by David Huyck, in consultation with Sarah Park Dahlen

Released under a Creative Commons BY-SA license:

The CCBC inventory includes 3,134 books published in 2018. This graphic would not have been possible without the statistics compiled by the CCBC, and the review and feedback we received from Edith Campbell, Molly Beth Griffin, K.T. Horning, Debbie Reese, Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, and Madeline Tyner. Many thanks.