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The District to District Student Transfers and Transitions (D2T2) project was created to help districts and schools mitigate the negative impact of student mobility.

The District to District Student Transfers and Transitions project has several components:

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How to Use These Webpages

  • If you are new to the processes of student enrollment, course placement, withdrawal and records, it is recommended that you spend some time familiarizing yourself with the minimum requirements and best practices presented on these pages. The checklists and vocabulary might be particularly helpful to use as guidelines. Many best practices include links to short videos, other webpages and documents that are helpful for training.
  • As you are working with individual students and families, you can check specific webpages for quick references to specific student situations.
  • Key terms are bolded and italicized throughout these webpages.
  • Categories:  There are four webpages that have information around legal and other requirements for the categories of Enrollment, Course Placement, Withdrawal and Transcript & Records.  Within each category, there are sections with information pertaining to a variety of specific situations, including attendance, charter schools, English language learners, and much more.
  • Checklists:The following checklists are provided for school and district personnel to help ensure that students are fully supported during each step.
  • Best Practices: When applicable, best practices are linked directly from the requirement section.  Additionally, the three pilot school districts have provided information regarding their best practices for each of the four categories.  These best practices can be found below.


Overall Best Practices:




  • Information on the webpage is not legal advice. The intent is to provide guidance on best practice and to increase awareness of policies that impact student transitions. Policies and statutory requirements change, and the transition webpages may not have the most current policy information.
  • These pages are not meant to replace district discretion, but rather to provide consistent information to all Colorado school districts and secondary schools around the secondary student transition process.
  • Some local school boards may have more restrictive district policies that correspond with the minimum requirements outlined in law. The corresponding sample policy identifiers and titles from the Colorado Association of School Boards (CASB) have been provided when applicable. Please use these identifiers and titles to check your school district’s policies to ensure compliance with your district requirements.
  • Best practices were collected from existing national, state and district resources with permission. Best practices presented on these webpages are not comprehensive, and are meant to be shared in order to support Colorado districts and schools with the secondary student transition process.