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Policy and Practices Review Tool


The legislation, which created the Office of Dropout Prevention and Student Re-engagement, directs the state to support a review of school and district policies and practices relevant to the ABCs (Attendance/Behavior/Course Performance) of Dropout Prevention. The Policies And Practices Review Tool (PPRT) is designed for schools and districts to take an in-depth look at their policy and practice structures. The intent is to assist schools in aligning policies, practices and supports with school improvement goals and student success.

PPRT is free and available in document form or as an online survey with modules based on key topic areas. A facilitator guide is available to assist in reviewing the results and includes “things to consider” by topic.

Recommended Action Steps:

  1. Determine what version will work best - document or online survey.
  2. Identify who will take the survey. PPRT works best if a cross-functional team is convened (Administrators, teachers, student support professionals, data custodians, school advisory committee...)
  3. Take the survey as a group. Begin with a review of “ABCs” data for your school or district. A spreadsheet is available to help get started in this area.
  4. Based on the data review and group input, select the sections of PPRT to complete that are most relevant (Attendance, Discipline, Course Completion...)
  5. Complete the survey and compile results.
  6. Review results through a facilitated process.
  7. Develop plan to apply results and take next steps.


Facilitator's Guide

Module 1: The Basics

Module 2: The Early Warning Systems

Module 3: Attendance

Module 4: Discipline

Module 5: Academic Supports and Pathways to Attain a High School Credential

Module 6: Supporting Students with Special Needs

Module 7: Family Partnerships

Dropout Prevention Data Elements-District Level

Dropout Prevention Data Elements-School Level

Dropout Prevention Data Elements-State Level

Dropout Prevention Data Elements Definitions