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Year-Round Collections - EDIS


The Educator Identification System (EDIS) assigns each educator in the state of Colorado a unique Identification Number (ID) that will follow the educator throughout their service in Colorado public education. The purpose of the educator ID is to be able to use a unique number that preserves the privacy of educator records while allowing statutorily required data analyses

There are three ways to obtain a State Assigned Educator ID (EDID):

  • Add Single Educator: This method allows the institution to submit a single educator's information and to obtain a unique ID for the submitted educator. This function is not available to users with "Read-Only" access to EDIS.
  • Add Multiple Educators: This method allows the institution to submit a list of educators via an on-line form in order to assign each educator a unique identifier. A list of IDs will be supplied back to the institution through a listing on the web site.
  • Data Pipeline File Upload: This method allows the sending institution the option of sending a large batch of Educator information in order to assign each Educator a unique ID. The sending institution is able to receive the identifiers back via a similar Data Pipeline file.


  • The EDIS collection is open year round.

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