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Data Pipeline Interchanges - Staff


The staff interchange is a set of three files which contain all staff data for a school year. The staff profile contains the staff demographics and educational background, the staff assignment contains the current assignment data for all staff and the staff evaluation contains the current year evaluation data for all licensed personnel. This information is used in the following snapshots: Human Resources, Special Education December Count, Teacher Student Data Link, and the Staff Evaluation Snapshot.

The Staff Evaluation file will open April 2023 as well as the Staff Evaluation Snapshot to collect the 2022-2023 evaluation data for all staff. More information will come soon on this collection and process, including training in April 2023.



File Layout and Definitions



File Formatting

  • Pipeline only accepts file extensions of: csv txt xls xlsx
  • You need a header row (in first row)
  • Pipeline only accepts field delimiters of: ,
  • Include leading zeros (0) for required fields (for instance 01 or 02 for gender)

Business Rules





Additional Resources

For Human Resources questions, contact

For Special Education December Count questions, contact  

For Staff Evaluation questions, contact