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Career Development Incentive Program


Before proceeding with the data upload for either collection, please carefully review the CDIP/Industry Credential Data Submission Guidelines.

Career Development Incentive Program Industry Credential Data Submission

The Career Development Incentive Program (CDIP), or Career Development Success Pilot Program in House Bill 18-1266, provides financial incentives for school districts and charter schools that encourage high school students, grades 9-12, to complete qualified industry credential programs, internships, residencies, construction pre-apprenticeship or construction apprenticeship programs or qualified Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

The calculation of matriculation rates for state accountability determinations relies on data provided by the Department of Higher Education and includes community college enrollment, four year higher education institution enrollment, CTE enrollment and/or certificates or degrees earned prior to graduation. The industry credential data included within this submission are intended for use as part of the Fall 2023 matriculation rate accountability calculations.

To decrease overall data submission burden and to align industry credential submissions, the Colorado Department of Education, in consultation with the Educational Data Advisory Committee (EDAC), will continue with the combined submission of the optional industry credential submission that is used for matriculation rate determinations for accountability purposes and the Career Development Incentive Program (CDIP) submission. The participation in this submission is voluntary.

Data Submission Process

On an annual basis, data may be submitted by the Local Access Manager (LAM) to CDE using Matriculation Reporting Template and uploading it to the Data Pipeline. If you have questions about who your LAM is, please contact Marina Kokotovic.

  • Prior to submission, a district designated contact should notify CDE of their Intent to Participate by completing the intent to participate form.


CDE requests that LEAs submit data on:

  • The CDIP Intent to Participate form is now open and will close on 3/31/2023.
  • The CDIP Collection opens 3/01/2023 and closes 6/30/2023.

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Weekly office hours for the CDIP collections begin 4/17/2023 and will continue until 6/30/2023. You can sign up for a half-hour conversation with Marina Kokotovic on Mondays and Fridays to get your questions answered. Sign up for CDIP Office Hours here.

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