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Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) Option

Concurrent Enrollment: P-TECH Option

Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH)

  • Learn about the benefits, challenges and costs of participating in a Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH)

  • Listen to what students and school counselors think about this option, if available.

In addition to college credit, you might complete an internship also

As part of being a P-TECH student, you may have the opportunity to complete an industry-internship experience prior to graduation. This means that you might work for a local or national business partner and earn high school credit at the same time.

Build your resume

Having valuable work experience through a possible P-TECH internship enhances your resume and shows future employers that you have gained essential work skills.

A complete pathway to a career

The college courses offered at P-TECHs are part of a structured program that includes a pathway to an associate's degree and high-demand (within the P-TECH's region) certification. 

Save money and time on college

Not only do you graduate with your high school diploma, but you will also earn an industry-recognized associate's degree, other postsecondary credentials, and relevant workplace skills saving you time and money on college. Learn more about the costs of college here: How Much Does College Cost?

Not widely available

There may not be a P-TECH in your area, however the list grows each year. View a list of approved P-TECH schools.

College-level courses begin freshmen/sophomore year

College-level courses are challenging. If you begin a P-TECH program as a freshman or sophomore, you need to be ready for the academic rigor.

Students are allowed up to six years to complete

While a P-TECH program allows for a student to take up to six years to complete, most students who start the program in 9th grade plan to finish in four years.

You may have to travel to attend a P-TECH class at the local community college or an innovation center

School districts are not responsible to cover any of your transportation costs if you participate in a P-TECH program.

You may have to pay for tuition, books, supplies and/or fees

Some P-TECHs cover these costs and some do not. Check with your school to find out who is responsible.

Want more details?

Learn more about a P-TECH high school.

Still have more questions?

Contact a P-TECH about the specifics of attending their school or program, where available.